The Halibut Queen DVD

by David Proudfoot

If you only ever buy one sea angling DVD make it this one! The DVD entitled “The Halibut Queen” is a must watch for any anglers who want to tangle with these massive flatfish when visiting Norway.

A combination of reel screaming action, magnificent scenery and brilliant underwater footage shot in full HD result one of the best action and instructional videos that I’ve watched. The video is filmed in the Tromso area of northern Norway with Fish4U guide Per Jonasson and enthusiastic angler Kenneth Bruvik who is in search of his first large halibut. Per is an experienced guide whose clients have had halibut up to 444lb in the past. Some of the footage was originally shown on Norwegian TV but the DVD includes additional footage and unpublished clips.

The Halibut Queen DVD still image

The scenery throughout the footage is amazing as the open boat scoots about the fjords on a sunny day. The action footage is interspersed with fishing tips relating to lures and fishing techniques. The person to person commentary is subtitled, generally accurately, and Per has excellent English when explaining the fishing tips.

There is also an English commentary over sections of the underwater footage. It is the amazing underwater footage of the halibut in its natural environment that left me gobsmacked when first viewing the video. Not only is the halibut shown over various types of seabed, handy when trying to suss out where they are located, but the fish are shown clearly stalking and taking the large shad type lures. The action of the lures is clearly visible in the clear waters off the Norwegian coast.

Kenneth struggles at first to cope with the power but thanks to Per’s instructions it’s not long before the first of the halibut is at the side of the boat for release. The instructions on how to control the powerful fish are clearly explained by Per and well worth noting by “experts” and halibut virgins alike. Per explains how he likes to work the lures and why the artificial baits are successful.

The Halibut Queen DVD still image The Halibut Queen DVD still image

The strength and stamina of the halibut is clearly illustrated as Kenneth huffs, puffs and laughs his way through the multiple dive fights. The pair makes interesting use of a weigh sling to bring a 137cm fish, estimated at 35kg, into the boat for unhooking before tagging and release.

There is a short but interesting section on the early life of the halibut including the eye migration in young flatfish.

When calm conditions means that the boat does not drift over the ground at a fast enough rate Per makes use of the engines to slowly troll the lures. The main feature video lasts 33 minutes finishing with a 60kg ‘but and one of the most extreme catch and release sessions that you’ll ever see! The main feature with the underwater footage will provide entertainment for the non-angler while also illustrating some great tips for the serious angler targeting halibut.

The Halibut Queen DVD still image The Halibut Queen DVD still image

The DVD also features some extras including footage of Per battling with a massive 203cm halibut and extended suspense filled underwater footage of a halibut following and striking a lure. To me the gem in the extras is the video where Per explains about the rods, reels and lures that he uses, great information that will assist anyone heading to the Arctic Circle to try and capture one of these beasts. Drag settings, rod actions, lines, knots, leaders and unhooking are clearly explained via the sub-titles.

All in all this DVD is a must for anyone wishing to hook and land one of these majestic flatfish and for those who can’t make it north it provides images to fill your dreams.

For details of how to purchase this DVD visit the website.

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