Sakuma Cooler Bags

by Iain Graham

Transporting and protecting frozen and live baits so that they remain in excellent condition throughout a fishing session is a headache. Loads of cool boxes, cool bags and cool pouches are disappointing let downs, but reviewer Iain Graham describes the new Sakuma Cooler Bags as absolutely up to the job.

Cool bags and boxes are an indispensable item for every sea angler, and keeping bait in great shape, especially during summer, is essential. Some brand new Sakuma sea luggage includes two sturdy rigid bodied cooler bags, which I was given for field-testing. I have worked my way through a swathe of cool bags over the years. Battleground items, they get used and abused to utter destruction, with splits, rips and the inexorable salt water all taking their toll. Most follow the same form, fit and function, but what makes these Sakuma bags different is considerable thought has evidently gone into the design. And these are certainly not cheap, flaccid, re-badged supermarket cool bags that do a better job of cooking precious bait!

Sakuma Cooler Bag zipped closed

The large bag is a great size at 34cm by 25 cm and 15cm deep… and it’s my favourite of the two and ideal for my regular shore. There are not many cool bags that can easily accommodate packs of blueys lengthwise but this one does it easily. No more having to squeeze your expensive frozen blueys in diagonally, with the remainder of your bait crammed into the remaining unfriendly spaces. The large size bag will easily carry enough frozen bait for a full session with ample room for the cool packs, worm baits and cans of fizzy juice all in the one insulated carrier.

frozen bait in a Sakuma Cooler Bag bait and tubs in a Sakuma Cooler Bag Sakuma Cooler Bag with bait tubs


The smaller cooler bag measures a modest 16x18x15cm, and is idea for the likes of a ray sessions where the only requirement is to pack a few frozen sandeel and mackerel fillets; or a spot of cod fishing from the rocks where some frozen crab and mussels will suffice.

Made to Last

Made from hardwearing and waterproof 1000 denier nylon, there are wide webbing handles with Velcro faster, and robust two-way zippers. The bags’ interiors are lined with a PVC barrier to maintain excellent performance and longevity. This will help keep your bait bag functional and fresh for years to come. On the outside is a handy rubberised, hook-proof mesh pocket useful for keeping those sundry items like elastic, scissors, bait-board and knife close to hand.

Sakuma Cooler Bag lining

Perhaps the biggest boon though is the tough nylon zips, which don’t easily fur up and jam solid with no encouragement. Possibly the biggest problem with most sea angling luggage is a seized zipper. Typically, you return home knackered after a session and the zipped rod bag, cool bag or other luggage is abandoned damp in the garage where overnight it sprouts a salty growth that turns the zip into a crud-encrusted ogre. This is the beginning of the end as the damn thing is sure to burst when forced. No such issue with the new Sakuma gear.

Sakuma Cooler Bag strapped to tackle box

Sakuma cool bags are indeed “cool” bags. They keep bait frozen for hours so long as frozen freeze blocks are used and the bag is not carelessly left open. With the smart Sakuma logo they look the part too and are sure to appeal to the most demanding shore and boat anglers. These fab compact cooler bags are very reasonably priced, tough, transportable and absolutely up to the job for which they were designed.

Available from

RRP: £13.99 for the small size (26 x 18 x 15cm)

RRP: £15.99 for the large size (34 x 25 x 15cm)

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