Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag

by Steve Souter

Transporting dripping wet fishing clothing and dirty boots home without soiling the car is a problem for all of us. Steve Souter presents the perfect solution in the shape of the Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag.

The large Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag is an item intended for game fishermen that’s equally at home in the hands of sea anglers. Wet waders, soaking waterproof clothing, or boots caked in clotted mud are typically part of what sea anglers do. Dumping any of these everyday essential items straight in the back of the car is never ideal. The Greys Wet Gear Bag is a fully waterproof stash-bag that presents the perfect solution… eliminating black bin bags, subduing fishy pongs and eradicating car-boot puddles and muddy surprises forever.

Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag

Bag It and Sling It

Made from heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric, the cavernous gear bag with its two-way self-sealing zip serves to keep wet and dirty kit fully enclosed. Even bulkier items like waders and a two-piece floatation suit fit easily. The GRXi bag is equally functional as a fish bag and stink bag on the beach or boat. However, because it does not have a shoulder strap, this bag cannot be worn across the body when jumping from rock to rock.

Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag zip Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag strap


This bag is easily wiped down or washed after use. Mine is still in great nick after several months of regular abuse. A great buy. Available from Glasgow Angling Centre.

Greys GRXi Wet Gear Bag

Product Overview

RRP: £24:99

  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Strong box stitched handles
  • Self-sealing, water resistant zips
  • Large capacity


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