Fish Zone Specimen Bag

by Steve Souter

Steve Souter reveals the competitively priced Fish Zone Specimen Bag, which will store and transport fishing gear, camera kit and even bait.

I gather tackle boxes and bags like ladies collect shoes, but incurable problems aside, I have strong preferences for kit bags without too many bells and whistles. My fishing bags have to take regular slinging abuse and I don’t waste time with anything that looks like it will be other than absolutely functional and heard-wearing. The Fish Zone Specimen Bag isn’t overly colourful or garlanded with superfluous dross, and it grabbed my attention for its pure simplicity.

Fish Zone Specimen Bag

The grey coloured Specimen Bag is one of a number of items in the Fish Zone luggage range that includes a rucksack, waist bag and double-compartment rod quiver. Made from robust easy-wipe fabric, this bag is not overdesigned or tartly decorated. There are no silly little hand-trapping pockets or pointless light nylon mesh pouches to immediately catch and rip. Such pointless paraphernalia is about as much use as a chocolate teapot to practiced anglers, who will always put functionality ahead of image.

Transports, Protects and Cools

At 40cm long, 33cm deep and 26cm wide, this is a medium sized bag with a multitude of practical uses. A sturdy two-way directional double zipper opens the main accommodation. There are no internal pockets or divisions inside, just a generous void to fill with gear.

The padded/insulated interior makes it perfect for transporting reels or camera kit, or even for use as a ‘cool’ bait bag. To give an idea of the capacity, I have comfortably carried two large headlamps with battery packs, a full set of waterproofs, a spare hoodie and a pair of boots in the main compartment.

Fish Zone Specimen Bag Fish Zone Specimen Bag

The fully waterproof vinyl base and rubber feet mean it works well as a boat or shore bag. The large front pocket and two generous side pockets feature robust single zippers and are suitably wide, and will swallow lure boxes, spools of line and all the everyday tackle items likely to be needed on a trip. The bag has carry handles and a shoulder strap, which is not detachable. Available from Fish Zone dealers at an RRP of £29.99.


  • RRP: £29.99
  • Padded interior
  • Waterproof base
  • Protective rubber feet
  • Tough zips
  • Two generous side zip-pockets and large front pocket
  • Strong strap and carry handles
  • Size: 40cm x 26cm x 33cm


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