Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution Heavy Surf Review

by John Popplewell

Cinnetic Fishing Tackle is a Spanish brand of tackle specialising in surf casting rods and reels and over the past few years they have arrived at our shores. John Popplewell takes a look at the powerful 4.5 metre Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution Heavy Surf.

The Cinnetic Cross Power forms part of a range of rods and reels that cover most aspects of shore and boat angling, whether with bait or lures.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution rod

Known Internationally for their memorable brand logo, Cinnetic “Energy in Movement”, they have branches in Spain where they distribute to Europe and Africa. The Americas are covered from a base in Columbia serving North America and the Asian markets.


I couldn’t wait to get on the beach with this one to give it a rigorous workout.

I matched the rod up with a Cinnetic Cayman Evolution 7000 fixed spool reel just to keep everything in-house.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution casting

This rod is designed for heavy leads and large baits and is stated that it can cast leads from 125g to 350g.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution tip section

My initial feeling of the 3-piece rod as I took it out of its heavy-duty cloth bag was that it good looks. The silver butt section has a single low grip with a Fuji DPS reel seat fitted at a sensible height. The red and white graphics are tasteful and understated as are the silver whippings. All the sections are built from graphite and fitted with Fuji guides including a larger butt guide making it ideal for heavier lines.


I started off with 110g leads with slow off the ground casts. For such a powerful rod it didn’t take many casts before I got a feel for the Cinnetic Cross Power and it didn’t really take too much effort to get the leads winging true and straight.

With my confidence in the rod now up I clipped on a 150g lead and started the process again. The rod weighs in at 668g which makes it slightly heavier than some of its counterparts, but that is where its strength lies.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution reel seat

No problem at all with 150g the rod recovered very quickly as the lead sailed out to sea.

On went the 200g lead and I can’t really remember the last time I used a lead of this weight. I won’t deny it was slightly uncomfortable, not for the rod but for me. The Cross Power stood up to the 200g lead test quite admirably although the cast had to be much slower with distance reduced.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution retrieve

The Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution is designed for heavier conditions, it would deal quite easily with casting into strong winds or fishing in weedy rocky areas. Ideal for heavy seas, clumps of weed and hauling big fish through kelp.


I really enjoyed using the Cross Power Evolution. It’s not what I have been used to on my clean flat Essex beaches, but the 15ft length helped to cast the heavier leads and will also aid getting above in-shore weed and waves. It will also deal with getting heavy fish out of rocks and kelp. The Fuji DPS reel seat holds fixed spool reels very securely and will certainly cast big baits comfortably.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution

I feel that 350g leads would be more beneficial for fishing in deep water with heavy tides at close distance. As always you should consider the weight of the baits when calculating the casting weight.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution and reel

I would be quite happy to use this rod on my Essex beaches for rays. A 5oz lead would be my ideal and casting is on a par with most of the top range rods that I have used.

Cinnetic Cross Power Evolution Heavy Surf 450

  • 3 Piece plus
  • Supplied in cloth bag
  • Casting 125-350g
  • Length tested 4.5m/15ft, also available in 4.2 and
  • Weight 668g
  • Ceramic SIC guides and a Fuji DPS reel seat.
  • Retail price £174.99 – Best online to date £167.00 at Rovers Tackle
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