How to Tie a Jika Rig

by David Proudfoot

Jika rig is adapted from US bass rigs to be used for wrasse fishing in heavy ground.

Jika Rig Components

1 x worm style offset hook, plain or with solid ring, ringed hooks are available from Owner and Gamakatsu and Nogales (with a swivel added) although difficult to source in the UK

2 x round split rings

1 x weight, bomb shaped with large eye works best

The Rig Assembly

A set of split ring pliers will make the task simple.

1. Attach one of the split rings to the eye of the weight.

2. If using a plain hook, attach the second split ring to the hook.

3. Attach the hook via the split ring, or the solid ring if using a ringed hook, to the split ring on the weight.

4. Thread the plastic bait on to the hook, it is best fished weedless with the hook point sheilded in the lure body.

5. Tie the leader line to the ring on the hook.

step 1 - rigging a soft plastic bait

Thread the worm between 5 and 12mm onto the hook and bring the point out through the worm.

step 2 - rigging a soft plastic bait

Thread the worm up the hook to sit on the offset, moistening the hook can help the worm slide easily on the shank.

step 3 - rigging a soft plastic bait

Pinch the worm then thread the point back through the worm to come out the opposite side.

step 4 - rigging a soft plastic bait

The point of the hook can be nicked just below the outer skin of the worm to complete the weedless effect.

The Jika rig is effective when used from the shore, small boat or kayak. Fished hard on the bottom with gentle lifts which impart a lively action or twitched back across the seabed after a cast, it is particularly effective for wrasse but will also take cod and pollack. It can also be used to impart a lively action to a shad.

It casts extremely well with the lure directly behind the weight.

cast the jika rig

When on the drop the lure is shielded from snags although given the type of ground where it is fished tackle losses can be high.

jika rig on the drop

Takes tend to be savage with a good hook up rate.

Click on image for larger version

the jika rig


You can purchase ready made rigs but given the ground fished it is far more cost effective to make your own.

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