How to Tie a Donkey Rig or Double Fluke Rig

by David Proudfoot

The Donkey rig is used when mid-water to surface fishing and presents two, lively soft plastic lures.

Check out the video below to see the donkey rig in action.

Donkey Rig Components

2 x worm style wide gape offset hooks

2 x swivels

2 x shad style soft plastic lures

Fluorocarbon trace line

The Rig Assembly

1. Tie one swivel to approximately 600mm of the fluorocarbon line and attach hook to free end.

2. Tie the second swivel to a shorter length of the fluorocarbon line, around 450mm, and attach second hook to the free end.

3. Thread the mainline through the eye of the swivel on the shorter of the two snoods then tie off to the swivel on the longer snood. As an alternative to the main line a length of leader can be used with a swivel at the top allowing for quick change of rigs.

4. Thread the lures on to the individual hooks.

The longer hook can be weighted using a weighted worm hook or by attaching a split shot to the hook shank. The whole rig can be weighted by using a split shot above the fixed swivel.

Click on image for larger version

Donkey Rig or Double Fluke Rig

The Donkey Rig in action

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