My American Angler’s Christmas Fishing List

by Dana Benner

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time to start thinking of that angler on your Christmas fishing list, or to make your own festive fishing list.

The day when that jolly old red coated gent visits is just around the corner so you had better getting going.

Quantum Smoke with Skid-Stick

What follows is what I have on my list this year.

Though my saltwater fishing is done for the year, I am not a fan of the North Atlantic in the winter, that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about it.

There are many things on my fishing Christmas fishing list this year, some realistic and others not so much. Who knows, maybe some will come true.

Quantum Smoke with Arctic Eel

  1. A fishing trip to Iceland, Norway or the UK. If you are going to ask for something you might as well go big. I keep reading about these places and want to experience it for myself.
  2. Good saltwater rods and reels. There are many on the market, both here in the States and in the UK and some are better than others. They must be able to withstand heavy punishment and saltwater. I like the gear put out by Quantum, but you folks in the UK have some really good ones as well.
  3. Lures are a no brainer. There is no such thing as too many lures. We are always losing them either to big fish or in the rocks. I never have enough Little Cleo spoons, Skid-Stick topwater baits or Tronix Artic Eels. If one of these lures doesn’t catch then it is time to pack up and go home and have a beer.
  4. A really good cooler is a must. I like to eat what I catch so getting it home in one piece and in good condition is very important. As I travel a lot and need to transport my catch home on a plane, my go to cooler is the Yeti Hopper. It will keep your catch frozen for days, is tough and is perfect for putting on the plane.
  5. Camp Chef SmokePro Smoker/Grill is my last must have for this list. I have to admit that I already got this one early. I love to cook and usually it is on a grill. There is nothing like fresh fish on the grill, but sometimes you need to freeze a few for later. The only problem with that is that oily fish like bluefish and mackerel really don’t freeze well. I have solved that problem by smoking them and this gem does it perfectly. It works using wood pellets and not only preserves the fish, but also give it a good clean taste.

Camp Chef Smoker

This is my short Christmas fishing list. I could have easily put a new boat on the list, but I think that would have gone about as far my daughter’s wish for a pony.

I hope you all have a great holiday. Maybe I’ll wet a line with you on your side of “The Pond”.

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