How to Rig a Waggler Float

by David Proudfoot

The waggler float can be rigged as a fixed or sliding float. It gives great bite indication when used for fish which swim close to the surface such as mullet.

Waggler Float Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Waggler float; size depends upon the weight being supported including the bait

AAA split shot; amount of shot will depend upon the size of the float

SSG split shot

1 x small swivel

1 x 600 to 1500mm 5 – 12lb BS clear nylon or fluorocarbon, length depends on depth to be fished

1 x 10 to 1 hook; size of hook will depend upon target species and bait size

The Rig Body

  1. Tie the hook to one end of the nylon or fluorocarbon line.
  2. Thread line through the eye at the base of the float.
  3. Tie on a swivel.
  4. Place the bulk of the shot either side of the float to trap it in place . This will cock the float quickly for bite indication.
  5. Place the remainder of the shot between the float and the hook.

Can also be used as a sliding float by threading directly on the main line and securing with a stop knot above the float at the required depth. The shot should all be placed below the float so that it runs free.

Click on image for larger version

waggler float rig

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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