How to Tie a Stop Knot

by David Proudfoot

The stop knot is used for various purposes such limiting the depth of a sliding float or holding beads or bait stops in position while remaining adjustable.

Power Gum Stop Knot

1. Lay a length of Power Gum alongside the main line and form a loop.

Step 1 - stop knot

2. Wrap one end of the Power Gum through the loop and over the main line four or five times. Moisten the Power Gum and pull on the two free ends and nestle the knot down with your fingers.

Step 2 - stop knot

3. Trim the ends of the Power Gum leaving around 25 mm (1 inch) so that the knot flows through the rod rings if using as a float stop. The ends can be trimmed shorter for other uses.

Step 3 - stop knot

Note: If adjusting the position of the knot ensure that you moisten it first to prevent line burn.

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