How to Tie a Split Ring Rig

by David Proudfoot

Close to Medium Distance Rig

The complicated split ring rig is for scratching at close to medium distance with a long trace body and high top dropper or droppers. Targets gars, scad and mackerel.

Split Ring Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Lead link clip

6 or 9 x Micro beads

2 or 3 x Two-way beads

1 x Swivel or oval split ring for top of trace

3 x Fox oval rig rings (these are solid ring and prevent tangles)

1 x Bead

1 x Gemini Alpha Clip (large floaty bead can be substituted)

1 x Eyed pin fixed via eye onto one of the Fox rig rings, the pin can be DIY or the one from the Alpha assembly used for the clip

Approx. 5 – 8 metre length 30-80lb BS clear nylon or fluorocarbon main line


2 or 3 x 600mm length 5 – 20lb BS flourocarbon snood

2 or 3 x 6 to 1 hooks

The Split Ring Rig Body

1. Tie on the lead link to cut length of the trace body and thread on the following components in this order – If the two-way beads are oval then ensure that the main trace is threaded through the shorter sides (see diagram [[Continental Style Scratching Rig]]);

Micro bead / Two-way bead / Micro bead A second dropper can be added to this length.

2. Tie the first of the rig rings to this first trace section. To the top of this link tie the expanding section of the trace, this length is limited only by the length of drop from the rod and the length of the trace sections carrying the snoods. The design of the rig means that the working length of this section is three times the clipped up length, a 6 metre section will have a 2 metre drop when clipped up.

3. Thread the second oval rig ring onto this section of the trace followed by the bead. Thread the line back through the tied oval link and then tie the final rig ring, with the attached eyed pin, to the end of the trace.

4. Tie the final length of trace line to the oval rig ring with pin and thread on the Gemini Apha Clip or floaty bead. Tie a stop knot approx. 75mm above clip.

5. Thread on the following components in this order –

Micro bead / Two-way bead / Micro bead

A second dropper can be added to this length.

6. Attached the larger split ring or swivel to the top of the trace. Repeat step 1 for the remainder of the two-way beads.

7. Using suitable spacings along the length of the trace body tie a stop knot below the micro beads above and below each of the two-way beads to secure them in place.

8. Tie a hook onto the end of the snoods. An thread on sequins and tie stop knots.

As this rig is used to target pelagic species such as garfish and mackerel a floaty bead should be attached to the top snood or if gars are the main target a piece of squashable foam can be used threaded onto the snood as the bead can get trapped in the beak.

9. Thread the snood through the two-way bead and then place a micro bead behind the larger bead and secure the snood with an overhand knot. If using fine line for the snood you may have to use two or more overhand knots to ensure that the snood does not pull through when under pressure.

Assembling the Rig

Once the snoods have been baited up secure the bottom of the trace or lead and keep the trace tight, pull the free running oval split ring upwards ensuring that the three lengths of line do not tangle.

Loop the free split ring over the pin, point the pin upwards and locate the Alpha clip over the pin, pushing down firmly.

The split ring rig is then ready to cast and on impact with the water the clip will be pushed upwards releasing the pin and allowing the mid-section of the trace to expand to its full length.

Click on image for larger version

split ring rig

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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