How to Tie a Pennel Rig

by David Proudfoot

Pennel Rig

The pennel rig is a two hook snood used to present a large bait and has the advantage of having a hook at the top and bottom of the bait.

The bottom hook of the pennel is normally larger than the top one but both should be strong hooks to cope with large fish. The top hook should have a turned up eye to aid presentation, ie Mustad, Varivas or Sakuma.

The simplest version is has a moveable top hook and is simply held in place by winding the snood round the shank of the hook after threading through the eye.

pennel rig wound


The second type is also moveable and the upper hook is held in place by the use of a length of silicon tubing which is slipped over the eye and shank after the hook is threaded on the line. If you want to fix the tube use low temp shrink tube of a suitable diameter.

pennel rig tubing


The final method is a fixed method and uses a snell knot to hold the hook in place. It limits the size of the bait to that initially set up but has the advantage of restricting the upper hook from sliding down to the bottom hook if a large fish takes the head of the bait.

pennel rigs whip knot


A tutorial on the use of a pennel setup with an Armamesh bait.

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