How to Tie a Netherlands Bass Rig

by David Proudfoot

Netherlands Bass Rig

The principal behind this bass rig is that when a hooked fish is being retrieved the weight of the fish will cause the free running tubing to act as a pulley.

The lead weight will then be draw up above the fish with a subsequent reduction in the risk of snagging.

The floats will keep the baits out of the reach or crabs and impart movement to the baited hooks.

Bass Rig Components

Main Body

3 x 3mm Beads

1 x Swivel

1 x 3-way Swivel

100mm length of Plastic Tubing

1 Shaped Cork “Float”

1 x Lead Link

Approx. 1.5 metre length 60-80lb BS main line


2 x 3mm Beads

1 Shaped Cork “Float”

Length of Powergum

1 x 1 metre length 20-30lb BS snood

2 x 2/0 to 4/0 hooks (a [[Pennel Rig]] may be substituted for the single hooks)

The Rig Body

1. Using pliers fix the swivel to the mid point of the tubing by gently squeezing the eye.

2. Tie the lead link to one end of the trace line.

3. Thread on one bead, the tubing, a bead, the float, a second bead then tie the 3-way swivel to the free end.

The Snoods

4. Tie on approximately 700mm of the snood line to the main end of the 3-way swivel.

5. Tie the remainder of the snood line to the 3-way swivel dropper and tie on one of the hooks.

5. Thread on a bead, the float, a second bead then tie the remaining hook on the end.

7. Secure the float between the beads using Powergum stop knots.

Click on image for larger version

netherlands bass rig

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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