Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

by Stephen Akeroyd

Previously Steve Akeroyd of Fox International showed how to use Armamesh to create a compact and effective sea fishing bait. Now Steve explains how to present that hook-bait correctly.

Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait - Stephen AkeroydArmamesh has been a revelation for particularly boat anglers who don’t like wasting bait, or those who are all too aware of the limitations of bait elastic. In the first instance, bait that might otherwise have been tossed away at the end of a session can be Armameshed and frozen for use at another time. While very soft baits such as mussel or peeler crab can also be meshed for simple, secure hooking without fear of bits or even the whole thing flying off during casting.

The method gives purpose and fish appeal to oily scent-heavy mixes of such as pulpy blueys, mackerel and unwashed squid. Not to put too fine a point on it, even a handful of mushy old rot can be transformed into a perfectly useable bait with the help of an Armamesh jacket. Planet Sea Fishing contributors have been experimenting with Armamesh and have fed back some excellent results with cod, rays and spurdog so far. An Armamesh bait sausage is ideally presented on a pennel rig for shore and boat fishing. In this quick tutorial Steve uses pennel 4/0 hooks.

Step 1 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

One I prepared earlier! An Armamesh bait sausage and 4/0 pennel hooks.

Step 2 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Take the bottom hook and insert into the bait approximately two thirds of the way down.

Step 3 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Turn and adjust the hook so that the bend protrudes clear of the bottom of the bait.

Step 4 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Push the top pennel hook in through the very top of the Armamesh bait.

Step 5 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Turn the top hook so that the bend is clear and protruding approximately one third of the way along the bait.

Step 6 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Draw the trace line tight, both hooks should be pointing upwards.

Step 7 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

This is how the finished Armamesh bait should look. For even more security during casting try double meshing the bait.

Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Armamesh kits are available in 14mm and 22mm sizes. Each consists of a tube, plunger and Armamesh stocking which all stores neatly in a stoppered container. Armamesh refills mean the kit doesn’t become redundant when the mesh runs out.

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