Joining Mono To Braid With The Albright Knot

by Neil Mackellow

How to attach a mono leader to a braided main line? Another of those questions that arises time and time again. Neil Mackellow tried all manner of different connections before settling on the reliable Albright knot which he demonstrates in this tutorial.

There are various ways to make an effective mono to braid connection but one of the strongest is formed using the Albright knot. The Albright is commonly used to join two separate lengths/strains of line, and is regularly employed to tie line to the end of a loop already tied in the main line material… usually using an initial Spider Hitch or Bimini Twist.

Joining Mono To Braid With The Albright Knot

Something that is not common knowledge or practice is using the Albright to make the same sound connection by simply doubling over the end of the main line and tying around an open-ended loop as demonstrated here. Simple and strong, this is one of the quickest and most reliable ways of marrying a mono leader to a braided main line for both shore and boat fishing purposes.

Neater Knotting

The knot can be made either by tying the mono around the looped length of braid, or it can be done the other way around, with the braid being wrapped around the looped length of mono to form the knot. Either procedure is perfectly fine but the Mackellow preference is to do the latter and make the knot in the braid. My reason for this is simply that the braid has by far the thinner diameter, and thus bunches into a smaller, neater knot. The smaller braid knot passes cleanly through even small line guides, whereas the alternative bulkier mono knot is prone to snagging and jamming in rod rings.

Click on the opening shot in gallery below and scroll through the pictures to see how I tie the Albright knot.

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