Patchy Fishing On Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire-news-logoThe Lancashire sea fishing has been patchy this week with the small tides but still some cracking bass and smoothhounds around and this week we see the tides building ready for the weekend fishing.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club had an early start and fished their club match at Lytham. They fished slightly different times today, over low water and first hour of the flooding tide.

Lots more eels but the flounders were not as big as the last time they fished the venue. As is usual on this venue, some areas do not seem to hold the fish.

Ten anglers fished all caught fish. Congratulations to match winner Trevor Barnett who held a master class in how to catch eels, and also had a 49 cm bass just to add variety.


  1. Trevor Barnett 10 eels 3 flounder 1 bass for 235 points

  2. Bob Egan 9 flounder 3 eels for 124 points

  3. Jim Gross 5 eels 5 flounder for 113 points

  4. Paul Smith 8 flounder 1 eel for 96 points

  5. David Bayliss 7 flounder 2 eels for 84 points

  6. John Hodgson 4 eels 3 flounder for 70 points

  7. Mike Owen 3 eels 2 flounder for 60 points

  8. Andy Denton 4 eels 1 flounder for 60 points

  9. Ken Forrest 3 flounder 1 eel for 36 points

  10. John Hill 2 flounder for 21 points

The next club match is on Saturday 11th June fishing behind Russell School from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

A lovely Gynn Wall bass for Lyndsay Peet caught on Bispham Angling fresh black worm

A lovely Gynn Wall bass for Lyndsay Peet caught on Bispham Angling fresh black worm

Leyland and District Sea Angling Club fished their latest match at the Bullnose, Preston.

1st Brian Nixon with 13 flounders, scoring 83 match points.

2nd Fred Howard with 8 flounders, scoring 62 points.

3rd Alan Jordan with 3 flounders, including the biggest flounder at 39cm.

4th = Nigel Thompson & Alan Slater with 3 fish each.

Brian also won the £500 “Golden Peg” card.

Thanks again to the eight members supporting the impromptu match.

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