Smoothhounds Show On Lancashire Shores

by Jordan Russell

lancashire-news-logoSome very good sea fishing over the past couple of days on the Lancashire coast. The beginning of the week started off poorly with the May bloom just offshore which starves the water of oxygen and tends to keep most of the fish a lot further out in deeper water where oxygen levels are higher. The good news is this has now cleared and the over the last 48 hours the fishing has been great, low water and high water, species around at the moment are smoothhounds, pup tope, bass, sole, dogfish, rays and dabs in the main. The boats have also just started to find the tope.

Dave Brown fished up to high water and found decent sport despite the chilly wind. Dave had one doggie and two hounds, one of 7lb 6oz, his best so far this year thanks to Bispham Angling crab. The fishing is improving.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished over low water at Five-Bar Gate. The wind was a bit more than forecast, but still very fishable.

The first hour fished very well with smoothhounds, dogfish and bass caught. After that sandbanks offshore at the southern end made fishing difficult.

Blackpool Boat Angling Club member Peter Weaver with a cracking tope

Blackpool Boat Angling Club member Peter Weaver with a cracking tope

Congratulations to David G Hutchinson for being the top rod today.

As you would expect at this time of year and smoothies being the main target, crab was the best bait.


  1. David G Hutchinson 4 smoothhound 2 bass 1 dog 1 flounder for 437 points

  2. Hughie Porter 2 smoothhound 2 dogs for 194 points

  3. Andy Denton. 2 smoothhound 1 bass for 189 points

  4. Dave Hutchinson 4 dogs 1 smoothhound for 158 points

  5. John Hill 2 dogs 1 smoothhound for 114 points

  6. Dave Wilson 1 smoothhound 1 codling for 100 points

  7. Ken Forrest 1 smoothhound 1 dog for 92 points

  8. Alex Garden 1 dog for 22 points

There were quite a few smoothhounds over 90 cm about 6 lb.

Next Sunday’s match is at Lytham with fishing from 9am to 12 noon.

No photos today, had a senior moment and forgot phone. Also broke tip of rod so only fished an hour.

Leyland and District Sea Angling Club fished their latest match for the “Otterspool Trophy” at Mariners Wharf, Liverpool.

1st Norman Pilkington with a whiting, a dogfish and the biggest fish a 44cm thornback ray, scoring 56 points

2nd Nigel Thompson with 4 whiting and a 36cm thornback ray, scoring 46 points

3rd Fred Howard with 7 whiting scoring 26 points

4th Peter Pilkington with a sole and a whiting scoring 16 points

5th = Martin Darwin also with a sole and a whiting and Stuart Pilkington with a whiting and a dogfish

Thanks again to the 10 members supporting the match.

Fylde Boat Angling Club member Bryn Bimpson enjoyed a great day out with fish all day using fresh black and frozen mackerel. He pouting, whiting, dabs, doggies, smoothhound, bullhuss, and codling including two at 40cm. Bryn also the biggest tub gurnard he has caught off this coast.

Bryn and his tub gurnard

Bryn and his tub gurnard

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