Northern Bites by Steve Walker

by Steve Walker

An inshore swell during the latter part of last week brought some cod inshore. While a South Easterly sea doesn’t always help Teesbay area, there are several marks along the Durham beaches producing fish in such conditions. There are unconfirmed reports of a 15lb cod taken from Dene Holm on Friday night. Whiting have shown in numbers on night tides and some bass to 3lb have also shown, with dabs, flounders, and odd late plaice. Anglers in the right place at the right time have taken bags approaching the 20lb, though results have generally been hit or miss.  Ronnie Smith had one of the better bags from the Durham beaches winning the last Horden Buffs match with 7 fish for 14 – 00lb.

Some nice fish from North of the Tyne, but rock edge marks are not yet producing the fish that they should. Colin Bell had a good result however, winning the last Whitley Bay League match with 7 cod for 18.15lb – best 5.14lb from Blyth Beach. Chris Stringer won a Northumbria Sea League match with 4 cod for 12 – 10lb – best 4 – 09lb, from Whitley Beach; Phil Skinner had 3 cod for 7 – 08lb from Slatey Gut.  Darren Hood had a cod of 7 – 06lb from the Boat Station in a pleasure session.  Amble has started to produce a few fish: Ian Harrogate won a recent Amble A.C. match with 3 cod for 8 – 03lb, best 3 – 09lb. Mick Hardy won a Blyth A.C. match with 4 cod for 6 – 08lb taken from Hauxley. Brian Hurrell won a Bedlington Station match with 5 cod for 9 – 11lb from Amble, while David Short had 2 cod for 9 – 12lb, – best 4 – 12lb in the same match. Whitehouse Sands has also produced fish, with Gary Arkle taking cod to 5lb in a pleasure session. The Tyne itself also continues to produce mainly smaller cod which have now moved into the upriver marks. Paul Graham reports taking 10 cod to 2lb during a midweek session.

Cleadon A.C. match: saw all of the top weights of smaller cod taken from the Tyne. Stephen Brown had 3 cod for 5 – 14lb, including the h.s.f. of 2 – 09lb; Chris Brash had 2 cod for 3 – 15lb; Mark Shotton had 2 cod for 3 – 07lb; John Taylor had 2 cod for 3 – 01lb.

Horden Mechanics A.C. fished Saturday night and found cod within casting distance.  Paul Raison had 3 cod and 4 whiting for 9 – 08lb; Shaun Stephenson had 2 cod and 4 whiting for 7 – 12lb; Lee Tough had 1 cod and 3 whiting for 6 – 02lb.

Hartlepool O.M.A.C. also fished Saturday with 13 out of 23 weighing in 51 fish for 32 – 09lb. Mark Brallisford had a mixed bag of 8 fish for 3 – 14lb; Dave Littlewood and Steve Sweeney tied on 3 – 10lb – Steve had a plaice of 1 – 07lb. There was also a tie for the h.s.f. with Simon Robinson and Jordan Salvan having cod of 2 – 01lb.

Ryhope Sweepstake: Tuesday night saw 41 fishing with smaller cod showing from all areas. Ritchie Carr won with a cod of 1180 grammes from Roker Pier; Keith Bell had the second and third h.s.f. with cod of 930 grammes and 845 grammes from Seaham Hall Beach; Ron Crosby and Kevin Robinson tied for fourth place with cod of 770 grammes both taken from the Manholes.

Eastenders h.s.f. Sweepstake: Andy Little won with a cod of 5 – 12lb from Ryhope Beach; Chris Hossack had one of 4 – 05lb from Roker Pier; Paul Riley was third with a cod of 2 – 10lb.

East End and Hendon h.s.f. Sweepstake: Gareth Gardner took the top three prizes with cod of 2 – 13lb, 2 – 09lb, and 2 – 05lb from Whitburn.

Eastenders had a club match on Saturday with 14 out of 19 weighing in 21 whiting, 12 cod, 8 flounders, and 2 coalfish with most fish coming from the rivers.  Jim Dunlop won with 13 – 09lb – best 5 – 03lb; Chris Hossack had 10 – 06lb; Bill Jackson had 5 – 06lb. Top junior was Jake Smith with 5 fish for 4 – 02lb.

Sea Anglers of Sunderland fished Saturday night with 8 out of 9 weighing in an all flounder catches. Dave Shortland had 3 for 2 – 07lb; Shaun Williamson had 3 for 2 – 02lb; John Devine had 2 for 1 – 05lb. Junior Aaron Williamson had 1 for 1 – 01lb.

Seaham A.C. fished Sunday with 42 out of 71 weighing in 42 fish. Top rod was Dean Monarch with 4 fish for 8.27lb from the Chemical Beach, while Gary Pye had 5 fish for 8.11lb.  Jamie Blakeman had the h.s.f. with a cod of 4.47lb which was also took third place.

Sunderland S.A.C. also fished Sunday with 7 out of 16 weighing in 19 whiting, 6 cod, 2 flounders, 2 eels, and 1 coalfish. Gareth Gardner had 4 cod, best 1 – 12lb, 1 whiting, and 1 flounder for 7 – 14lb from the Tyne. Junior Thomas Rutherford was second with 7 whiting and 1 eel for 5 – 03lb, also from the Tyne, with Andy Rutherford third on 7 whiting for 4 – 12lb.

Tynemouth A.C. fished for the Hector McLoud Trophy on Saturday with 15 out of 31 weighing in. Norman Douglas won with 5 whiting, 1 dab, and 1 cod for 5 – 03lb; Doug Spivey had 3 cod for 4 – 14lb; Steve Harper had 6 whiting, and 2 dabs for 4 – 05lb. Dave Sloan had the h.s.f. with a cod of 3 – 02lb.

Tynemouth retired members fished on Sunday and 8 out of 13 weighed in mainly whiting.  Mick Styles had 14 whiting for 9 – 09lb; Bob Blackhall had 9 whiting, 1 cod, and 1 coalfish for 8 – 07lb – including the h.s.f. of 1 – 15lb; Tony Taylor had 12 whiting, and 1 pouting for 7 – 02lb.

South of the Tees the whiting are out in force with large numbers showing from S.Gare and Saltburn Piers.  The last St.Mary’s A.C. match saw 28 fishing with 20 weighing in.  John Atherton had 20 whiting and 1 dab for 11 – 05lb; Stan Preston had 22 whiting and 1 dab for 10 – 14lb; Russell Miller had 19 whiting for 10 – 08lb; Tony Barker had the h.s.f. with a cod of 3 – 15lb.

The Redcar Navy and Gentlemans match saw 5 out of 17 weigh in. Alan Oliver took 4 whiting for 2 – 15lb from South Gare; Vanessa Barker had 1 whiting and 1 flounder for 1 – 06lb from Saltburn Pier; George Goldsborough had 2 whiting for 1 – 15lb from S.Gare.

The Filey John Smith Open last Sunday saw very poor conditions with only 9 out of 90 weighing in. Steve Ross fished Holbeck to land a cod of 5 – 07lb, with Mick Chadwick second with a cod of 2 – 13lb.  The Redcar Open was the same day and only 16 out of 121 weighed in. Steve Ianson won with a cod of 7 – 12lb from Sandsend; Chris Wood had a cod of 5 – 11lb, also from Sandsend; Brian Harland had a cod of 5 – 04lb from Goldsbrough. Top junior was Kurt Gardner with a coalfish of 1 – 01lb from S.Gare. Lady winner was Denise Waring with a flounder of 1 – 01lb from Runswick.

Coming up: Sunday November 16th is the Whitley Bay Open with £300, £200, and £100, plus a Sonik rod available for the top three bags.  There are also special prizes for 10th and 20th places plus a supporting prize table.  Register at the Whitley Bay Holiday Park from 8am till 9.15am.  Basic entry is £12 with juniors free if accompanied by an adult.  Boundaries are from Amble Pier to the Ice House North Shields.  Tel: Mick 0191-2625266 or e-mail for details.

The same day also sees the Seaham Town Council Open fishing from 12 noon till 5pm.  Tel: 0191-5810321 or 07881442289 for details.

The Whitby Open is also on Sunday November 16th fishing from 10am till 4 pm between Skinningrove Beck and the Coble Landing at Filey.  Top three prizes for the heaviest bags are £400, £200, and £100 plus a supporting prize table.  Basic entry is £8 senior and £3 junior plus the usual pools and team event.  Register at the Fleece, Church Street, Whitby.  Contact Whitby Angling Supplies 01947-603855 for details.

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