Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report

by David Proudfoot

Litterlouts could end fishing along Humber Wall…

The Environment Agency have erected signs on the Humber Wall declaring that anglers will be banned if litter continues to be left. The perpetual scattering of beer cans and other rubbish is worse in winter and completely unacceptable. The clear message is anglers must take collective responsibility and clean up their act, or lose the fantastic fishing on the wall. And do not be fooled into thinking that the council do not have the power to enforce such a ban.

Two big Daiwa matches are being held on November 22nd and 23rd. The junior open is on the Saturday, while the big senior open takes place on Sunday the 23rd with over a thousand anglers expected to take part. Signs are good with some big fish caught off the coast and in the river. Match tickets are available from the local tackle shops.

Humber S.A.C. fished the shallows last weekend where Garry Hutson landed a superb 7lb 8oz cod which formed the bulk of his match winning bag.

Reckitts S.A.C. fished a match in rough conditions which saw most anglers fishing in the river. Winner John Levesly had a cod, 3 whiting and a flat for 3.92 kg. Second was John Windle on 3.42 kg, with Chris Wray third on 3.23kg.

Premier League result: Rob Gale turned in a first place weight of 2.84kg, followed by Mally Green’s 1.61kg and Andy Wrightham’s 1.52kg.

Boats: Bad weather stopped many boats getting afloat last week, and it’s more of the same this weekend with the Boston match already a casualty. Boats lucky enough to have found a weather window report good numbers of cod.

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