Medlar is majestic at Mundesley

NAC Match Report 14th March 2022

by Simon Bottomley

nac-logoAfter last week’s discussion about meeting later (from 5:45pm to 6:00pm) to make it more convenient, it was a big surprise to arrive in the Mundesley beach car park at 5:15pm to find nearly everyone kitted out ready to fish. Great to see the level of enthusiasm.

With the arrival of 13 anglers by 6:00pm we drew pegs and headed for the beach. Pegging either side of the main access to the beach. With excellent weather and the benefit of setting up on the shoreline in daylight and an ebbing tide (HT 16:27pm) the fishing looked good. Oh, we also decided to continue with the fishing to size limits. Would we be flooded out with under 27cm sized whiting?

Mundesley beachAbsolutely, I hear everyone who attended the session cry. The task became one of trying to out fish the wee whiting and find the bigger specimens. If we had fished to 18cm+ plus we would have spent more time writing than fishing. But they say the cream always rises to the top so despite the wee whiting we started to see a few over 27cm recorded whiting, a few rogue rockling as anglers started to pick up a few cardable fish.

In total 36 fish caught of which 29 were whiting, 5 rockling with the remaining two being the biggest flat and round fish. Ian Childerhouse (peg 4) showed his ‘cream’ like fishing skills by picking up a decent 40cm Bass in the surf, whilst the evening’s match winner Stephen Medlar picked up a 27cm Flounder (peg 9).

A majestic performance by Stephen who picked up 149 weight points twice as many as his nearest angler Ian Childerhouse who picked up 74 points.

Match Result

  1. Stephen Medlar peg 9 7 fish 149 weight points (3lbs 2oz)

  2. Ian Childerhouse peg 4 2 fish 74 weight points (1lb 9oz)

  3. Simon Bottomley peg 14 4 fish 64 weight points (1lb 5oz)

Match average 2.8 (was 3.4 fish last week) / angler

  • Biggest flatfish – 27cm flounder Stephen Medlar (peg 9)

  • Biggest round fish – 40cm bass Ian Childerhouse (peg 4)

Lucky peg Eamon Finch (peg 11)

Mundesley March 2022 results

Next match is on 21st March at Kelling with high tide at 20:26 hrs and will be ‘pairs’ (drawn on the night) and at an individual level will be for Joc Goudie Match Man Trophy (cancelled on the 21st March due to bad weather) so keep an eye on Facebook/WhatsApp for details or late changes.

Change in venue (from Salthouse) follows a further review of venues. Going forward planning for 2022/23 winter league will be delegated to 3 members. Venue sheet will be issued at next weeks match, in addition to posting on line/Facebook.

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