Norfolk Angling Club Kelling Pairs Match

NAC Match Report Kelling 21st March 2022

by Simon Bottomley

nac-logoWith the early spring sunshine starting the week and planned for the rest of the week there was a spring like excitement to be back at Kelling, home of many excellent big catch matches.

Would ‘dogs’ make an appearance? Would we see the last of the wee whiting? Would bass appear? Or would we see more rockling and pout?

With 16 booked in, but a late call off from AJ dropped the numbers to 15 planned for the match. Thanks , AJ for keeping in touch via the WhatsApp. So, with 15 planned it meant that we had an odd number for a pairs match. It was good to see Hitesh fishing again after the winter, and a big welcome to first “NAC” timer Katie Hills. Great to see you both, as pairs a good format to get you started and learn from your partner.

With everyone assembled we held the peg draw. John Spalton (or team Spalton) accepted the single peg, and there wereWith the early spring sunshine starting the week and planned for the rest of the week there was a spring like excitement to be back at Kelling some interesting combinations. Hitesh paired with Jaime Childerhouse. Katie paired with Andy Turk. With a cast off time planned for 7:00pm the pairings discussed strategies, who would cast long, short or as is usual let’s see what we catch. With WhatsApp chatter through the week, it felt doable to be a fish to size match.

Kelling beachFishing a 20:26pm high tide we started to see early wee whiting and dabs. But soon all started to hit their stride with cardable fish presenting themselves to the pairs. Firstly a few over 27cm whiting then dabs. Then to make it more interesting occasional pairs started to pick up dogfish. Great to see them back, always a challenge.

Despite moans that not finding cardable fish the pairing of JC and Eamon (peg 2) picked up a few dogs. Of the overall 68 fish carded 7 were dogs, ranging in size from 53cm to 61cm with Jamie Childerhouse (peg 7) picking up a 61cm specimen winning the biggest round fish, with Nathan Drewery close behind him with a 60cm Dog. A 31cm Pout picked up by Richard Hipperson (peg 8 and Jamie also picked up a 37cm whiting (not a wee one) also worthy of mention. Biggest flatfish of 26cm were dabs shared between Jamie (again!), Eamon (peg 2) and Nathan (peg 5).

Podium pair of the night were Eamon Finch and John Catchpole (peg 2) with 12 cardable fish, weighing in at 6lb 4oz, with Nathan Drewery and Dave Mathers (peg 5) close behind with 286 weight points (5lbs 15oz).

Kelling pairs resultsOn an individual level Nathan retained the Joc Goudie Matchman Trophy last awarded November 2019, 2020 cancelled due to COVID, 2021 postponed due to storms, with an individual score of 200 points (4lb 3oz) . Well done Nathan great consistent fishing, you are still the one to beat! Further good news – no blanks, all carded. Well done Katie hope you enjoyed your first match and that we see you again.

Match Result

  1. Eamon Finch / John Catchpole peg 2 12 fish 299 weight points (6lbs 4oz)

  2. Nathan Drewery / Dave Mathers peg 5 11 fish 286 weigh points (5lb 15oz)

  3. Richard Hipperson / Stephen Medlar peg 8 15 fish 266 weight points (5lb 9oz)

Match average 4.5 (was 2.8 fish last week) / angler

  • Biggest flatfish – 26cm Dab Jamie Childerhouse (peg 7) / Eamon Finch (peg2) / Nathan Drewery (peg 5)

  • Biggest round fish – 61cm Dog Jamie Childerhouse (peg 7)

Lucky peg Ian Childerhouse (peg 6)

Next week’s match will be held at Walcott with high tide at 16:46 we will be fishing the ebb.

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