Wet And Windy Around Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

Some serious wet and windy weather this week in Lancashire has put a hold on the fishing to an extent! As usual though, big winds equal good cod fishing if you can sit through it and brave the wind and rain.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club were out at Beach Road where conditions were good and it stopped raining as the match started. Twenty seven anglers fished the match and expectations were high that there would be some cod caught today, but alas no.

Apart from a solitary rockling and a dogfish all the fish caught were whiting.

Rio Thompson aged just 7 with a nice cod

Rio Thompson aged just 7 with a nice cod

As is usually the case with whiting some of the bays seemed to hold fish while others seemed to hold very few. That said almost all the anglers caught fish. Yellow tails and sandeel seemed to work very well today.

The winner today was Trevor Barnett, who also had the bonus dogfish, closely followed by Bob Egan. Lots of the positions today were separated by very few points.

Top Ten

1st Trevor Barnett – 11 whiting 1 dog 121 points

2nd Bob Egan – 11 whiting 99 points

lancashire latest news logo3rd Frank Towne – 8 whiting 85 points

4th Ian Mawdesley – 9 whiting 83 points

5th Mark Hindle – 9 whiting 82 points

6th Dave Brown – 10 whiting 79points

7th Tim Wrigley – 7 whiting. 75 points

8th = Pete Warburton – 6 whiting 59points

8th = Ken Forrest – 7 whiting 59 points

9th = Dave Stockton – 5 whiting 52 points

9th = Mark Broadhurst – 7 whiting 52 points

10th = Alex Garden – 5 whiting 1 rockling 50 points

10th = Dave Wilson – 4 whiting 50 points.

Next Sunday is a flat and round match on the Wall at the Miners, fishing from 4.30 pm to 7.30pm.

20 anglers fished the opening Bispham Angling Sea League match of 2020 with only 14 joining league but still more to join.

Steven Trish with his cod

Steven Trish with his cod

Conditions were spot on at start of match but by high water the sea had built up and put fish off. A big well done to early league leaders

Lesley Maby and Steven Trish scored a bonus 5 points for the best flat and round fish respectively.

  1. David G Hutchinson – 14 fish 325cm
  2. Neil Wilkinson – 10 fish 211cm 29cm biggest
  3. Lee Thornton – 10 fish 211cm 28cm biggest
  • Zone A Steve Trish 200cm
  • Zone B David Shorthouse 174cm
  • Biggest flatfish Lesley Maby – 37cm flounder
  • Biggest round fish Steve Trish – 52cm cod
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