Year Ends For Lancashire Sea Anglers

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoThe fishing hasn’t been bad at all over the last couple of weeks with multiple hits of cod at Rossall over both low and high water. Dave Brown has been hauling the cod, with the biggest being around 5lb in weight, yellow tails being the best bait. There have also been cod on the Wall and also Cleveleys. Still plenty of whiting around too.

Results from Bispham Angling Sea League match fished on 28th December on the Gynn Wall

  1. David G Hutchinson – 16 fish 396cm
  2. Lee Thornton – 15 fish 335cm
  3. Andy Young – 14 fish 324cm
  • Zone A – Tony Baxter – 13 fish 284cm
  • Zone B – Stuart Dewhurst – 10 fish 219cm
  • Biggest flatfish – Neil Wilkinson – 29cm dab
  • Biggest round fish – David G Hutchinson – 59cm dogfish

Bispham Angling League 2019
The 2019 League took in £955 in total which was all paid after the final match.

  1. David G Hutchinson – 97.50
  2. Stuart Dewhurst – 93
  3. Paul Twatski – 83.50
  4. Neil Wilkinson – 71.50
  5. Tony Baxter – 70.50
  6. Dave Hutch – 66
  • Biggest flat fish – Mark Taylor – 43cm flounder
  • Biggest round fish – David G Hutchinson – 59cm dogfish
  • Mystery Finish – Dave Bancroft (14th place)
  • Most species – Paul Twatski – 9 species

The organisers would like to thank all league members and people that have fished league matches over last 12 month. Without you the matches wouldn’t happen. Finally, Jordan at Bispham Angling thanks and big well done everyone.

Neil Kenyon fished on his boat off Cleveleys with fresh black. He fished the flood before it got too rough and had a total of six codling with four being keepers.

Neil Kenyon with one of his cod

Neil Kenyon with one of his cod

The 2020 league starts on the 12th of January.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished their first club match of the year, and the venue was the Ferry beach, fishing one and a half hours either side of low water.

23 anglers fished which is about maximum numbers for the venue. Just over half the anglers caught fish with four anglers in one short section doing particularly well. Black lugworm was the top bait and peeler crab also took a few fish. Most of the fish taken today were codling, with a few around the 45 cm mark.

Phil Lamb had the best at 46 cm. Trevor Barnett had the best catch of six cod and a whiting.


  1. Trevor Barnett 6 cod 1 whiting 193 points
  2. Phil Lamb 4 cod 1 whiting 145 points
  3. Kevin Blundell 4 cod 123 points
  4. Dave Shorthouse 3 cod 3 whiting 113 points
  5. Tony Thorpe 2 cod 1 whiting 66 points
  6. Paul Briercliffe 1 cod 2 whiting 51 points
  7. Andy Denton 1 cod 44 points
  8. Dave Brown 1 cod 1 whiting 38 points
  9. = Hughie Porter 1 cod 1 whiting 36 points
  1. = Mark Broadhurst 1 cod 36 points
  1. Dave Norton 1 cod 18 points
  2. Alex Garden 1 whiting 13 points
  3. Ken Forrest 1 whiting 11 points

The organisers are starting to collect the £10 entries for this year’s Club Championship. You have until the AGM on February 23rd to pay. That is the cut off date, no exceptions.

Next week the Club are fishing at Beach Road from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Leyland and District Sea Angling Club fished their latest match on the Mersey aboard “Size Matters” with Skipper Kevin McKie.

  1. Karl Fairhurst with 3 rays totalling 21lb 8oz, also winning the biggest fish with one weighing 10lb. Peter Pilkington with 17lb 4oz, 2 rays and a cod
  2. Alan Jordan 10lb 5oz
  3. Nigel Thompson 10lb 2oz
  4. Jimmy Graham 5lb 7oz

The raffle was won by Phil Harvey and the football card by Adam Flynn. Thanks again to the 12 members who turned out for 5.30am sailing.

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