Maggot Mania At Waxham

by Dene Conway

Ten anglers turned up for this week’s bait pack match at Waxham. For a bit of fun a half pint of mixed maggots was added to the bait pack specifically to target flounders, by the end of the match most had caught fish on maggots either by tipping off worm or fishing with 30 plus on a hook.

An unseasonably warm evening with a light breeze made for a pleasant session with a slight swell early on and very little weed.

Top rod on the night by a long way was John Catchpole on end peg 10 with 14 fish 3lb 31/3oz including a 26cm flounder caught on maggots. Second podium spot went to the ever consistent Ian Childerhouse on the other end at peg 1 with 9 fish for 1lb 8oz. Finding his form in third place was Andrew Turk, with 6 fish for 111/3oz.

Nathan's maggot bomb

Nathan Drewery’s maggot bomb

Biggest round fish also went to John Catchpole with a whiting of 28cm but his flounder was pipped by a 27cm dab for Ian Childerhouse, taking biggest flat of the night.

A tough evening fishing for most being plagued by under sized pin whiting and dabs.

Next weeks match is back to Sheringham which fished really well last time.

Full Results

  1. Norfolk Angling Club logoJohn Catchpole 30pts +5 round
  2. Ian Childerhouse 29pts +5 flat
  3. Andrew Turk 28pts
  4. Dene Conway 27pts
  5. Nathan Drewery 26pts
  6. John Harvey 25pts
  7. = Neil Rowe 24pts
  1. = Ian Wells 24pts
  1. Richard Hipperson 23pts
  2. Russell Taylor 22pts
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