Norwegian Adventures – September 2012 Continued

by David Proudfoot

A group of mates who all frequent the WSF forums were the second group of shore anglers to visit Skarnsundet and Bessaker this season. They enjoyed the fantastic and varied sport that these two venues have to offer. I had done my homework prior to the trip to ensure the lads could make the most of the opportunities while they were visiting. As part of the usual service for all our shore guests I had printed out charts for all the marks and provided them with directions to safely reach each one. In addition I spent a day with them to show them the marks, having also organised boat transfers to were ever they wanted to fish.
John with halibut

The area around Bessaker has numerous opportunities for the shore angler who wants untapped adventure near the open coast and the chance to hook up with a shore caught halibut. Skarnsundet, situated further south on the Trondheim fjord, on the other hand has already established a fantastic reputation as a top shore fishing destination with easy to reach marks that regularly produce fantastic fish.

Two marks the guys fished at Bessaker, they had to access by boat; proving that this really is unfished and undiscovered territory.

John Strange, aka Crusty crab was the top rod of the week having a fantastic trip and catching his personal best cod and halibut. John had been aiming for one of the big flatfish for some time and it was fitting that he landed the first halibut of the trip, a fit 5½lb fish.
Norway halibut

On a morning the guests would fish from the small pier in front of their apartment where the pollack, cod and mackerel provided great sport on light tackle. Si decided to take the light fishing a step further by catching his fish on the fly.

Curious Badger and Brickie Lee both enjoyed the deep mark along with John and the highlight of the Bessaker sessions was a halibut of 15lb which again fell to John.
Norway halibut

After their four days at Bessaker the lads return to stay with me at Skarnsundet for the final two days of the trip. The plan was to fish at Straumen and this again proved to be a success with cod into double figures including fish of 19½lb and 15½lb.
Bessaker cod

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