Great Fylde Coast Sport As The Whiting Invade

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoStill very productive on the Fylde coast, although with this warmer spell there seems to be a few less codling around of the beaches. Whiting are in huge numbers and also getting slightly bigger too, the sea is alive with dogfish also as they are feeding on the whiting, There is the odd bull huss to double figures from the Gynn Wall and the boats.

We have started to also see thornback ray reappearing on the milder days. The dogs and the rays will leave as soon as we get our first frost and fingers crossed that is when the numbers of cod arrive.

Kristian Lesley fished the Gynn Wall and landed his first ever thornback ray.

Kristian Lesley with his first ever thornback ray

Kristian Lesley with his first ever thornback ray

Fleetwood and District Angling fished their latest match last Sunday at Five-Bar Gate. The weather was sunny and warm with just a slight edge to the sea. Not usually the best conditions for daylight fishing but plenty of fish showed today.

It was an out and out whiting fest, with a few dogs thrown in for good measure. No other species caught. 23 anglers fished and everyone scored. As expected worm tipped with fish bait worked the best. A couple of the anglers had tiny whiting bitten in half on the retrieve, possibly huss or thornbacks.

1st Bob Egan 11 fish for 121 points.

2nd Ray Rodger 16 fish 100 points

3rd Trevor Barnett 11 fish 90 points

4th = Roy Slinger 12 fish 80 points

4th = Mark Taylor 9 fish 80 points

6th Alan Smith 9 fish 73 points

7th Bob Marsh 6 fish 66 points

8th Neil Stoneley 11 fish 57 points

9th Ken Stubbs 11 fish 54 points

10th John Hughes 6 fish 44 points

The Club’s next match is on Saturday 20th at Cleveleys new prom fishing from 7.30pm until 10.30pm.

Kevin Fletcher and Jacques Minett launched from the Wyre Boat Angling Club on Lillywhite the other day. They headed over to Rossall in search of some cod. They had one bang on the limit but returned the fish. There were plenty of dogfish and thornies together with two good huss.

Jacques with his biggest fish to date

Jacques with his biggest fish to date

One at 7lbs for Kevin and an excellent fish of 10½lb Jacques. The huss fell to Bispham Angling squid and mackerel wraps.

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