Festive Season On The Fylde Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoThe Christmas period on the Lancashire coast can only be described as hectic! Loads of anglers managed to get out over the festive break. Many anglers having multiple hits of whiting and also some reasonable cod being caught in between the smaller fish. A few cod on the Gynn Wall but mainly still from Rossall and Fleetwood.

Fleetwood and District Sea Angling Club fished their final match of the year at the Miners’ Home.

Sixteen anglers fished and conditions looked ideal, a choppy sea with the west-northwest wind easing throughout the match.

Looked ideal for some cod, unfortunately all the codling caught were tiny. The fishing started very slowly with the odd fish, but as it went dark the whiting came on the feed and no one blanked.

Full results

  1. Craig Thompson 7 whiting 2 dabs for 50 points
  2. Peter Lambert 3 whiting 1 cod 1 dab 1 flounder 49 points
  1. = Mark Broadhurst 5 whiting 1 cod 1 dab 35 points
  1. = Dave Wilson 4 whiting 1 cod 35 points
  1. = Ray Rodger 4 whiting 2 rockling 1 cod 33 points
  1. = John Hodgson 4 whiting 33 points.
  1. Hughie Porter 5 dabs 1 cod 31 points
  2. Neil Rawlinson 3 whiting 1 dab. 25 points
  3. Ken Forrest 2whiting 1 flounder 1 cod 23 points
  4. Tony Costello 3 whiting 1 dab 21 points
  5. Trevor Barnett 4 whiting 1 cod 1 dab 20 points
  6. Roy Slinger 3 whiting 17 points
  7. Barry Critchley 1 cod 1 whiting 16 points
  8. Neil Stoneley 2 whiting 8 points
  9. Mike Owen 2 whiting 7 points
  10. Paul Briercliffe 1 dab 4 points

Thanks to all the Club members for supporting the matches throughout the year and the Club hope to see you all at the first club match next year.

Chris Ashton with a nice cod

Chris Ashton with a nice cod caught at Rossall on fresh black lugworm

North Pier Members Christmas match was well attended. It was a lovely mild night with 36 anglers fishing the straights. Whiting, dabs and codling were about in force. The fishing was expected to pick up as it fell dark and it was hoped to catch a few dogs and the odd ray but they never showed.

Double shots of whiting and dabs provided the action on small hook rigs, boom style or flapper.

In first place was Nigel Walker with 702cm – winning a free membership for next year (£90). Second place was Liam Tighe with 621cm – winning £50.00. With Jordan Russell third with 552cm – winning £30.

The next 11 anglers all won a bottle of spirits or wine and the following anglers all received a free £5 gift voucher. Thank you to Jack Parry for supplying a bottle that we used for a mystery peg prize which was peg 11 – Kyle King.

A huge thank you goes to Nigel and Mark for pegging the match and helping out, also Tracey for some extra raffle prizes. Thanks to Deborah Russell for using her shop as a place to organise the match (made use of the pink wall).

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