Eddystone Eel Ensure the Delta Name Stays Alive

by David Proudfoot

When Andrew McConnell decided to retire, it looked like anglers would lose the popular Delta eels for good. Fortunately, Dave Beer and the Eddystone Eel team stepped in and purchased the necessary tools and ancillary business items to ensure that the Delta name and products would live on and be manufactured in the UK.

The Delta eel from Eddystone Eel

The additions of the effective Delta Eels and dorsal finned Skalliwag eels to the Eddystone Eel catalogue will prove popular with anglers who have long used these lures particularly in the smaller sizes. The 50mm orange and white, hard wearing, robust Deltas shown above are very popular with competion anglers fishing from south coast ports such as Weymouth. The Delta Eel range includes an extensive range of colours and sizes from 50 to 180mm. The 50 and 65mm sizes are also available with a fixed 3gm lead head.

The distinctive Skalliwag is available in 17 fish catching colours and three sizes; 90mm, 130mm and 170mm. A 130mm and 170mm version of the Skalliwag are also available with fixed, shaped jig heads weighing 14gm and 28gm respectively.

Eddystone Eel will also be distributing additional items from the Delta range including butt pads, booms, paravanes and the excellent casting ball for long casting the light eels.

The full current range of the Eddystone Eel and Delta brands can be found in their pdf catalogue.

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