Norfolk News – Salthouse 21-03-2016

by Dene Conway

15 Anglers arrived really early and all pegs were marked out by 18:05 with everyone in place shortly afterwards.

Pegging was to the left of the road / old carpark. It was a beautiful clear evening and if there wasn’t a chill in the air it could have been summer. The sea state was calm and very clear considering we had northerlies for the past couple of days.

Salthouse beach, Norfolk

From the start it was ting, ting, ting, tiny dab, ting and more ting. It really was a struggle for everyone to find a sizable fish. So it was no surprise that 6 out of the 15 blanked. So in third place this week was Wayne with three fish for 102/3oz. Narrowly beating him was Dave Aldridge with two fish for 11oz. And Beating Dave and taking top spot by only a 1/3oz was Kimberley Lawn with 111/3oz. Thanks you all for turning up and having a go.

Next week we are at Old High. For anyone that doesn’t know where to go please meet at the shop by 17:30. As usual can you book in on Facebook or via the shop.

1st Kimberley Lawn – 30 points

2nd David Aldridge – 29 points

3rd Wayne Mathews – 28 points

4th Neil Haynes – 27 points

4th Dave Mathers – 27 points

6th Simon Bone – 25 points

7th Leon Smith – 24 points

7th Billy Rush – 24 points

9th Andrew Turk – 22 points

5 points

  • Russell Taylor
  • Barry Iseton
  • Dean James Gibson
  • Michael Ranson
  • Mark Batson
  • Gary Moore

A trio of small whiting

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