Norfolk Angling Club At Cart Gap

by Dene Conway

Norfolk Angling Club LogoAlthough a few regulars were unable to attend it was still a great turnout with 23 anglers pegged left and right of the slipway on a nice warm evening with a slight roll and a flooding tide. The match was the first time the club has fished up and over high tide at this venue and with last week’s poor showing of fish we all hoped this venue would make for some great fishing.

As with most venues, it can be a bit peggy and if you’re not on the fish then you have little chance of getting one, this proved to be the case with 8 out of the 23 failing to find fish. 43 fish were caught between the other 15, 33 bass were carded and returned along with two dabs, a sole, an eel and six flounder. The biggest flounder measured 31cm and fell to guest angler Fern Rogers on peg 21, beating her father Chas who failed to find a fish.

Onto the top rods, in first place tonight and our top junior angler was Jimmy Shaul with an impressive haul of five fish for 4lb 102/3oz, this included four bass and a dab. Shaun showed the adults how it’s done from peg two and earned him £23 in winnings. Second place went to Andrew Bunn with four fish for 4lb 8oz, and finally in third place and with his first podium spot was Peter Simmonds with six fish for 4lb 22/3oz.

cart gap beach

Heaviest Flatfish of the night went to Fern Rogers with a nice 31cm flounder (12oz) winning her £11.50 and the heaviest round fish went to Leon Smith with a bass at 44cm (1lb 122/3oz) also winning £11.50.

A warm welcome to those that fished for the first time, John Harvey, Paul Frost, Fern Rogers, Chas, Andy Redfern, and Mark Cox and not to forget a returning club member from a few years ago Richard Craske, hope to see you all again.

All in all it was a great night on the beach in good company and as always good humour and banter, well done to all who fished.

Next weeks match is at Bacton let’s hope its as good as this sand venue. Please make sure to book in early especially with bait orders.

Full Results

  1. Jimmy Shaul Shaul 30pts
  2. Andrew Bunn 29pts
  3. Peter Simmonds 28pts
  4. Leon Smith 27pts
  5. Barry Iseton 26pts
  6. Dean Roper 25pts
  7. Ian Childerhouse 24pts
  8. Richard Hipperson 23pts
  9. John Harvey 22pts
  10. Dene Conway 21pts
  11. John Catchpole 20pts
  12. Paul Thorburn 19pts
  13. Richard Craske 18pts
  14. Fern Rogers 17pts
  15. Paul Grothier 16pts
  • Andy Redfern 5pts
  • Colin Clifford 5pts
  • Keith Shaul 5pts
  • Billy Rush 5pts
  • Mark Cox 5pts
  • Paul Frost 5pts
  • Chas 5pts
  • Eamon R Finch 5pts
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