Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report

by David Proudfoot

New club off to a flyer…

26 anglers turned up for newly formed Grimbsy SAC’s first roving match in cold, night conditions. Only five managed to catch with Dave Burr ‘s 2lb 9oz codling enough to claim the £100 first prize. Lucky Dave also had the next biggest fish but the rules allow only one prize each. Second then, was Dave Over on 2lb 2oz, while consistent Jeff Volley took third with a cod of 1lb 11oz. Unfortunately the Kent Arms where the club meets has been closed down and they are now seeking another venue.

Humber SAC were also in action in the cold on the Humber Bank wall. Treasurer Bill Sheppard said that the weather was horrendous and thanked all those who attended the match in support of the club. The fishing conditions were very poor with the east north-east wind whipping up waves and white water as far out as you could see. No codling were caught, probably down to the conditions. Mick Kinnaird took top spot with 2 flounders for 1lb 8oz. Adie Cooper was second, again with two flounders for 1lb 2oz with George Smith’s single flounder of 1 flounder 12oz taking third.

The next match is on Sunday 8th at the North Wall. Fishing is from 3pm to 7pm.

50 year itch: Now, can any one help me? I have got in my head that this year is the 50th year of the Humber SAC but I need to confirm. I have been in the club for 41 years and Jack Barlow joined before me. Jack believes the club was formed in 1959.The founder members I think were Jack and Kate Young, Harry Emerson, George Kidd. If it is indeed the 50-year anniversary hopefully the club will do something to celebrate. New secretary, Jez Waters is awaiting a new batch of hooded tops, and it would be fitting to have the fifty years commemorated on them.

The bait supply company Squids in are organising an open match on the 22nd February. It is a rover from Humber Bridge at Barton to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. Fishing times are 2.30pm to 7.30pm, with booking in from 8am on the day at the Lincoln Castle, New Holland. There will be prizes for both the heaviest bag and heaviest fish. If you are interested please ring Scott on 07935 762267

Boats: The boat match was again called off last Sunday and it does not look good for this weekend either. This week several boats were out on Wednesday, and suffered mixed fortunes but there were a few fish caught.

Tony’s tackle talk: I was out on the sea wall on Wednesday with John Cayless from SPRO tackle, trying some new rods and reels. The fixed spool reels are brilliant with fantastic line lay. The big Incognito Pro 975 has 8 ball bearings and is silky smooth.

The smaller 6000 will be brilliant for flattie fishing, again fantastically smooth and casts really well.

The rods are of ‘long’ continental design. The top-of-the-range Fast Forward 10 has loads of power and launches a lead for miles. The tip holds well in tide and unlike other long rods does not fold up. Although the rings are spaced for a fixed spool, I used a multiplier without problems.

I now want to play with the boat rods, especially the multi tips. But if you want some warm clothing go and have a look at the SPRO range.

If any one wants to have a go with the rods or reels, then give me a ring and I will sort something out.

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