Dave Finds The Cod At Clevelys

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoFleetwood and District fished their latest match last Sunday either side of Rossall point. The wind was almost off the land and just a slight swell with not much weed.

Twenty anglers fished and everybody caught. Mostly whiting and small codling but two in size cod caught and also a couple of dog fish.

Craig Thompson was into a sizeable cod after about six minutes, he has been doing this a lot lately. Afterwards it was a succession of small codling and whiting for him.

Trevor Barnett was also into a decent cod early on in the match it measured 59cm and was getting on for five pounds. You would expect a win with a fish like that, but with the numbers of small fish about managed third place.


  1. Craig Thompson – 13 fish cod whiting – 141 points
  2. Phil Lamb – 14 fish cod whiting dogfish – 137 points
  3. Trevor Barnett – 9 fish cod whiting – 135 points
  4. Mark Broadhurst – 14 fish cod whiting – 105 points
  5. Dave Wilson – 12 fish cod whiting – 91 points
  6. Tony Costello – 8 fish cod whiting dogfish – 61 points
  7. Ken Forrest – 7 fish cod whiting – 48 points
  8. Bob Egan – 9 fish cod – 42 points
  9. John Hughes – 7 fish cod whiting – 41 points
  10. Neil Stoneley – 6 fish cod – 37 points

The Club’s match next Sunday’s match Five-Bar Gate.

Dave Brown with a batch of codling

Dave Brown with a batch of codling

Dave Brown managed a cod at low water then fished Cadet Base for ten little codling. This spurred Dave on to a second outing at Cleveleys and found the cod on the feed.

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