British Record Fish Committee Announces New Records and Notable Fish

by David Proudfoot

The BRFC met at Fishmongers’ Hall, London, on 4th December 2014 and the following claims were ratified by the committee as new records:

Sea fish:


Record weight

Captor’s name

Date caught & venue




(Merlangius merlangus)

4lb 8oz


Shore-caught record

David Backler


Orford Ness

4lb 0oz 7dr

Black-faced blenny

(Tripterygion delaisi)

2.95 grams

Mini-species record

Nina Frapple



Greater Weever

(Trachinus draco)

1lb 9oz 6dr

(722 grams)

Paul Robinson


Porthtowan, Cornwall

1lb 8oz 10dr

Thin-lipped mullet

(Liza ramada)

6lb 15oz


Boat-caught record

Gerald Gavey


6lb 9oz 6dr

Thin-lipped mullet

(Liza ramada)

6lb 15oz


Equal boat-caught record

Derek Kane


6lb 9oz 6dr

The following fish was added to The Notable Fish List:


Weight / measurement


Date & place

Common Skate

(Raja batis)

Estimated 226lb

(Length 87 inches, wingspan 74 inches) Shore-caught

Craig Mackay


East coast of Scotland

Craig's skate

The Committee would like to take the opportunity to remind readers that anglers are invited to submit claims for fish to be included on the Notable Fish List.

The Notable Fish List has been established to record exceptional captures of sea fish when it is not possible to accurately verify the weight of the fish. This may be because the fish has been caught and returned from a boat, or as in the case of Craig Mackay’s skate, is too big to weigh on the shore when the fish is to be returned alive, in which case the dimensions of the fish are taken and the weight estimated.

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