Alderney Report – March 2011

by David Proudfoot

Like most of the areas around Europe, March is generally a quiet month for fishing around Alderney. With the exception of some excellent mullet fishing the mind turns to scratching around for bits and pieces at this time of year.

My recently commenced species challenge has seen me out an about more than usual and this has resulted in bass snaffling worm or mackerel baits when bottom fishing. The bass caught have run to around 2½lb, not big fish but my fishing pal Matt Smith has managed to find slightly better fish between 3lb and 4lb. I have also had a couple of good sessions with black bream when I have been lucky enough that shoals have passed through in front of me. It’s not only stocked the freezer up with some table sized 2lb fish but given me some really good sport.

The highlight of this month though is the mullet fishing. They’re not always easy to find and are constantly moving around the island but we are now in to a settled spell of weather and I anticipate that by the time you are reading this the harbour and the bays will be full of fish. The netting from the local commercials has finished too and at this point last year produced some excellent results with fish to 8lb and 9lb. You can stay up to date with all the latest reports on the Alderney Angling website or follow Alderney Angling on Facebook. Currently we’re not seeing the grey ghosts bigger than 6lb with 4lb to 4lb 8oz being a very good average. Best session this month saw Dick Smith landing eight fish to 5½lb during a morning session.

We been fortunate enough to have a flurry of sole being caught as well, a surprising number considering how few hours have been fished. No big fish and all slipper size, promising though. Plenty of pollack around and easily caught if you are looking for some good sport or some fresh fish for the table. Garfish easily caught on the float too.

This month will see the start of the turbot fishing on the banks so next month expect some boat reports, the wreck fishing is normally very good at this time of year too with good sized pollack and ling plus we have some excellent tope sport from now till end of June before it disappears for a few weeks.

The Fisheries Consultation should be finalised before next months report, if not extremely close to completion.

We have some excellent fishing just around the corner, I look forward to welcoming all of you that are taking the time and trouble to sample the best of Alderneys angling.

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