Poole Flounder Fun Competition 2011

by David Proudfoot

The catch reports for the last few weeks did little to encourage the enthusiasm the merry band of flounder fishers from the English section of EFSA during the third weekend in January. The melt water from the recent snow had spooked those elusive flatties and sent them to the deeper water. Even there they were not safe as the netters, looking for some pot bait, hounded them from pillar to post. This event is traditionally fished the day after the Section AGM and attracted 28 entries to fish around Poole Bay.

Four time previous winner Paul Rivers failed to find a fish this year and joined 20 others who blanked on the day. Andy Smith proved a worthy winner of the event with two fish which weighed in at 2lb 12½oz. Runner-up Rob Quinn produced two fine specimens using a home-made float, a neglected tactic for flounders who love to chase a moving bait. Matt Osborne took third spot with a single fish of 1lb 15 7/8oz, which was also the heaviest fish landed during the event. All fish were returned alive after the weigh-in.

Richard Russell used his psychic powers to guess the heaviest fish and win the pools, some guess as well only 1/8 oz off the actual weight. It seems that Richard and Bobby King only excel at events where there is an EFSA pin involved!

At least the anglers managed to miss the worst of the rain and after an enjoyable day out all are looking forward to next year’s competition.

Full Results

1st Andy Smith 2lb 12 1/2oz

2nd Rob Quinn 2lb 7 7/8oz

3rd Matt Osborne 1lb 15 7/8oz

4th Pete Badger 1lb 12 1/4oz

5th Alan Pye 1lb 9 3/4oz

6th Alf Sindrey 1lb 4 3/8oz

7th Richard Russell 11 3/8oz

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