Norfolk Angling Club Report 19th December 2016 – Salthouse

by Dene Conway

Another excellent turnout, with 22 Norfolk Angling Club members on the beach at Salthouse, a new Junior angler making her debut, but more about her later on, also a welcome back to David Aldridge.

Anyway, on with the report, another flat calm evening we pegged to the left of the car park, with Ben Nicholson pegging for the first time as he had secured peg 1 in the draw.

Rig for Norfolk fishing

A difficult start for most with plenty of undersized whiting and dabs coming in 3 a chuck and as we seen from the last match at Salthouse it can be a bit peggy, this match was to be no different with the better bags showing up to the left.

Using peg one to great advantage it was Ben Nicholson who took his first podium spot with 16 fish for 6lb 10oz, 2nd podium spot went to the slightly healthier Russell Taylor on peg 4 with 17 fish for 6lb 5 2/3oz, 3rd place and second week in a row in the top three was Ian Wells on peg 3 with 13 fish for 5lb 13 2/3oz.

The top 3 were all pretty close, but the real battle was down on peg 20 and 21 where father and daughter were clashing for the first time, I watched the initial coaching given by Richard Hipperson to his daughter Tash and they began the match on level terms, but it soon became apparent that Tash was a cut above her dad and by the end of the night she was coaching and consoling him, a battered ego to go along with Tash’s battered fish for the next few days, so very well done to Tash and welcome to the club (that’s the beating your dad club as well as the NAC).

As always, the banter was good and some excellent fishing had by the majority, it’s nice to see so many new faces joining the club and doing well, please make sure to tell your friends and let’s make the club even bigger for 2017.

Norfolk Angling Club Salthouse 2016 catch chart

Next Match is Monday 2nd January, it is scheduled for the Old High, (which will be Sheringham to the left of lifeboat) but Charlie is going to test the waters up at Heacham so please be aware a last-minute change will be announced if Heacham is fishing well.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year from the NAC Committee.


  1. Ben Nicholson 30pts
  2. Russell Taylor 29pts
  3. Ian Wells 28pts
  4. Adrian Charlie Needham 27pts
  5. Adam Molloy 26pts
  6. Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 25pts
  7. Ian Childerhouse 24pts
  8. Barry Iseton 23pts
  9. Adrian Bordianu 23pts
  10. Stuart Gotts 21pts
  11. Leon Smith 20pts
  12. Simon Bone 19pts
  13. Billy Rush 18pts
  14. Will Sprules 17pts
  15. Gary Moore 16pts
  16. Tash Hipperson 15pts
  17. David Aldridge 14pts
  18. Iain Molloy 13pts
  19. Dave Mathers 12pts
  20. Dene Conway 11pts
  21. Ronald de Boer 10pts
  22. Richard Hipperson 9pts
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