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by Jordan Russell

Members of the Lancashire Sea Fishing group, Paul Longworth and Joe Green fished out side Rossall school at high water last Friday night.

Mia with her lovely plaice

For the first hour it was very quiet with very few bites. As the tide pushed on they started to see a lot of small whiting and as the tide reached high water the doggies appeared with the preferred bait black worm wrapped in squid.

If they just fished plain worm all they had was whiting although some were a good size up to around the 1lb mark. The lads fished in a strong south westerly wind which with gusts to around 25mph cut the casting distances down a lot. Maybe the fish were just that extra 30 yards out of range on the night.

Dave Brown has been fishing for the rays again at Rossall and managed to bag himself five the other night to 6lb. All fish were caught at low water fishing with sandeels on a pulley rig.

Mia Foxcroft, aged 14, and her dad Martin have hit the beach on a few tides this week fishing low water at Little Bispham. There have been plenty of doggies and Mia landed the cracking plaice pictured. She says it was caught on a two hook flapper rig with size 1/0 hooks. She cast just 10 yards out to sea into about 18″ of water, she also tells us she has more success than her dad at this sea fishing. With her only being 14 years old she certainly has potential to be a great angler in the future. All the fish fell to freshly dug black worm dug while fishing at their spot.

For information on the current Lancashire fishing pop into Bispham Angling and have a word with Jordan.

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