Happy New Year From Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters

by David Proudfoot

Hopefully, the start of 2015 finds you and your family doing well. After some down time due to back surgery last year, I am back on the push pole in Mosquito Lagoon. While the weather has been hot the last couple weeks, it is unfortunate that the fishing has not been the same. As the water warmed back up to the 70’s, the majority of the large trout vacated the flats. The large schools of redfish that are typically plentiful this time of year have also been elusive. A cold front will push through next week which will bring much cooler temperatures and hopefully more consistent fishing.

a red drum

Much of the Mosquito Lagoon is crystal clear but there are large sections of dirty water as well. There are fish in the discoloured water but they are much more difficult to spot. Blind casting with soft plastic jerk baits and rattles has been the most productive method in these areas. Our targets during the winter months are redfish, seatrout, and black drum. In the clean water, redfish will eat a well placed DOA shrimp or a 3″ CAL tail on a jighead. Over sandy bottom, I prefer the jighead / cal combo and the shrimp over heavy grass bottom. The shrimp also works well for the large trout and drum. A DOA crab is deadly on tailing fish.

a seatrout

Fly anglers will have success with both crab and shrimp patterns. 5-7wt rods with floating line and 15lb leaders are sufficient for redfish, seatrout, and black drum. Unweighted flies are fine for the very shallow flats but lead eyes are usually necessary in the slightly deeper areas. Quick and accurate casts are key to success with 2-3 false casts about all the fish will give you time to make.

a black drum

For more fishing tips with both fly and conventional gear check out my Youtube Channel. With over 100 videos including casting and knot tying.

If you are planning on visiting Florida this winter, hopefully you will save some time for fishing. Call 321-229-2848 or email info@floridafishinglessons.com to book your trip.

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