Fleetwood Club Find The Fish

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoOnce in a while everything works out perfect for a Fleetwood and District Angling Club match. The weather was warm, the sea was flat calm and it was a perfect size ebb for fishing.

The attendance was down, but that was to be expected what with a league match at Preston and England playing football, and the likelihood of a bit to much liquid refreshment the 15 angler turnout was pretty good.

Conditions could not have been better for smoothhound fishing and a total of 43 were caught along with 12 thornbacks, 7 tope pups, 2 dogfish and a bass.

The fishing was closer than the points suggest one more smoothhound and you could have gone from fifth to winner.

Another good performance from David G Hutchinson eight hounds to take the win followed closely by Ian Mawdesley.

Crab was the top bait for the hounds but squid and black took some of the thornbacks.

Top Ten Results

  1. David G Hutchinson 8 smoothly for 341.5 points wins £36
  2. Ian Mawdesley 5 smoothy for 309 points wins £24
  3. Trevor Barnett 4 smoothys 2 tope for 297 points wins £15
  4. Hughie Porter 4 smoothy for 280 points
  5. John Hill 4 thornbacks 2 smoothys 2 tope 1 bass for 277 points
  6. Ray Rodger 3 smoothys 2 thornbacks for 275 points
  7. Andy Denton 5 smoothys for 270 points
  8. Dave Hutchinson 4 thornbacks 2 smoothys for 222 points
  9. Tom Brimley 3 smoothys 1 dog for 188 points
  10. Dave Bancroft 2 smoothys 1 thornback for 175 points

The Club’s next match is on Saturday 19th June at Stanah with fishing from 5.00 pm till 8.00pm. The main targets will be flounder.

Carl Dady with a tope

Carl Dady with a tope

Carl Dady and Marc Thomas have been doing some local boat trips that sail from Fleetwood and have been rewarded with some lovely tope. Whole mackerel fished on a wire trace and 8/0 hook was the successful tackle and bait.

Marc Thomas with a Fleetwood tope

Marc Thomas with a Fleetwood tope

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