Sole(less) Match On Lincolnshire Coast

by Chas Tibble

The latest Skegness Pier Angling Club (SPAC) match was billed as a “sole match” and was arranged to be fished at Winthorpe Avenue, over low water and on a neap tide, specifically to target the tasty flatfish. However, nobody let the smoothounds in on the agenda and like they have on many other occasions this summer, the supercharged small sharks once again muscled in on proceedings! Croxton’s Dave Burr made the best of the unexpected bonanza, landing 11 hounds, a flounder and a weever for an exceptional winning weight of 69lb 9½oz.
Skegness smoothie

Wrangle’s Alan Steadman caught more fish than the winner, but of a smaller average size, taking second place with a 14 fish mixed bag for 58lb 10½oz. Corby based top match-man Paul Marshall had a nightmare day, losing a number of large hounds, but still managed to frame in third place with another 50lb plus bag weight. Skegness local Barry Roper only caught one fish, but his 1lb 3oz flounder was a worthy winner of the heaviest flatfish prize. Smoothounds are ineligible for the heaviest round fish award, so Wrangle’s Paul Cridland was the grateful recipient, with a tiny ½oz (17cm) weever. In all there were more than 40 hounds caught on the day, with the best one weighing in at 11lb 5oz. Special mention must be made of new member and novice angler Jacquie Williams, who landed a nice mixed bag of four flounders, two plaice, two weevers and a dab, to finish up in eighth place.
Skegness smoothie

The next SPAC match will be held on Sunday 23rd Sep from 10am till 2pm at Wolla Bank, with Club members fishing for the Sheffield Cup. There is also an open section, which non-members are welcome to participate in. For further information please contact SPAC Secretary Chas Tibble on 07984 967988 or

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