Rite Gear Monday Match II

by David Proudfoot

The Rite Gear Monday Night League this week was held at Cley, Norfolk. With an initial forecast of for flat calm, dry conditions, with rain spreading later, no one was prepared for northwesterly winds and persistent rain in the first hour or so of the match. Tactics for the match were therefore dictated by the conditions. Starting more or less dead on high tide and fishing to the left of the car park 22 anglers including one junior and two new members battened down their shelters and cast into the wind and surf.

From the off the fishing was difficult with undersize pin whiting and undersize dabs being the main quarry. One of the first to record a fish was junior Dylan Avard, managing a 24cm dab, closely followed on next peg by Brain Van Blerk also with a dab. Eventually the rain stopped and the wind eased considerably and most of the members who had remained now were beginning to catch fish albeit mainly undersize. Banter along the match stretch was excellent with good humour, lots of teaching and assisting going on, proving again that this league is about growing skills for everyone rather than just competing for money.

Those that did manage to stick it out to the end were eager to find out if young Jake Cooper had overcome his 4th place jinx of the last few weeks and finally get a podium spot, however sadly this was not to be the case. Peter Hansell showed some good scratching ability and managed to card five sizeable fish for a total bag of 1lb 7 1/3oz giving him his very first win of the league. Second place went to Dene Conway with four fish weighing 1lb 4 2/3oz, and final podium spot went to a very consistent Mike Gill who yet again managed to finish in 3rd place with four fish for 1lb 4oz.

Ian Gennery recorded his best result yet with a fine fourth place position with two fish weighing 11 2/3oz including a nice 27cm dab. Next in fifth place was Jake Cooper managing 2 fish for 11oz. Sixth place went to Brian van Blerk with 9 1/3oz, seventh place to Trevor Barnes with 7oz, eighth place Richard Chapman with 6oz and ninth was Duncan Anon with 4 2/3oz and tenth place was shared between Ally Barnes, Kimberley Lawn, Dylan Avard, and Phil Avard, with the other 8 anglers failing to record a sizeable fish.

Kimberley Lawn also caught and returned an undersized codling at 33cm just 2cm short, but a good sign as Cley is not normally known for codling. Ally Barnes also broke her duck of blanking and under tuition from Henry Randell and Cain Plumb managed one sizeable fish to record some much-needed points.

A very hard match with most learning a trick or two from baiting techniques, rod positioning, and casting tuition making for an enjoyable evening of banter and good humour. Well done to all who fished.

As always anyone interested in fishing the league please contact Dene in the shop.

1st Peter Hansell (30pts)

2nd Dene Conway (29pts)

3rd Mike Gill (28pts)

4th Ian Gennery (27pts)

5th Jake Cooper (26pts)

6th Brian Van Blerk (25pts)

7th Trevor Barnes (24pts)

9th Richard Chapman (23pts)

10th Kimberley Lawn, Ally Barnes, Phil Avard, Dylan Avard (22pts)

All others receiving 5pts

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