Humberside / Linconshire / Yorkshire – 15/05/10

by David Proudfoot

Last Sunday Humber SAC were in action on the creek at Humberston where Simon Drayton was top man once again and finished well in front of the rest of the field. Simon weighed in 9lb 2oz and using peeler crab was his secret to finding the better fish. Second placed Richard Leek had 5lb 13oz ahead of new member Glen Jubb in third who weighed a bag of 3lb 1oz. Glen is well known in the boat angling circles but he has decided to have a go at the shore as well.

This weekend the King Pin Open will be fished on the promenade. The weather looks good and the area has been fishing well so all being well it should be a closely fought match with decent weights. Fishing is from 5.30 to 9.30pm. Then on the Sunday it is the three man teams on the Humber bank wall.

This Sunday also sees the last match in the HCA winter league and it should be very interesting. The rays should be more prominent, but there seems to be a few cod about as well. Unfortunately current leader of the league Mark Taylor is away this weekend and can not attend the match. So it could open the way for Tim burgess to be crowned the champion for this year.

One thing to remember on Sunday that Smooth hounds do not count it was decided that it the best thing to do as we do not want to kill these fantastic fish. They are no good to eat, but are tremendous sport for the angler and are great when you catch them on lighter tackle. I remember getting one on a very light spinning rod whilst fishing for bass and hooked a nine pound hound it certainly put up a good scrap. It is a great feeling when you can feel the rod bending right down to the butt.

On the beach we need a change of wind direction to encourage the hounds to come in shore. The shops are getting in good numbers of peeler crab at the moment so it might be worth getting a few in and freezing them down. Karl Nangle did better last year on the frozen baits than the fresh ones. The frozen ones release the scent quicker and if there are a lot of hounds about they pick up on the scent and seize the bait.

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