Humberside/Lincolnshire/Yorkshire report 04/04

by David Proudfoot

Last Saturday it was the Humber SAC RNLI match on Cleethorpes Promenade. The weather was awful and this could have put a lot of anglers off. In fact the new Grimsby Club cancelled their match due to the weather. However despite the conditions there was a good turn out for the event and there were a number of fish about. Adie Cooper, who had been fishing near to Brighton Street slipway, had an excellent bass of 45cm among his 13 fish to take first place. Then it was the wizard of the proms Simon Drayton who had 17 fish followed by Steve Robinson in third. The bass is a very encouraging for the coming season. The match raised £110 for the RNLI and this was presented to Station Manager Jack Barlow. The club’s next match is on Sunday at Killingholme fishing 1.30 to 5.30pm.

Still on the beach, Cleethorpes Angling Centre fished their match on Monday night and there were loads of fish. Garry Hutson, getting back in to form, had 14 fish for 311cm, in second place was match organiser John Atkinson with 17 fish for 309cm. Third went to Adrian Roffe with 16 fish measuring 302cm and then the ever present Dave Lord had 15 fish for 266cm. The biggest flat fish was caught by Garry Hutson, a 38cm flounder and the biggest round fish a 33cm bass caught by D. Greaves. The shop’s next match will be on Easter Monday on the Shallows. Meet at Novartis Gate at 6pm the fishing times are 10,30pm. Entry fee is £10 all in for this weight to measure conversion match with 100% payout.

Unfortunately I was not able to fish the shore match last Saturday I was at an Angling Trust meeting at Beverly. One hopefully piece of good news that has come out of the meeting is that it looks like after all these years that the Power station at Stallingborough is going to change the filter system to ensure that trapped fish are returned. I am hoping to have a meeting with the power station shortly. It has been a long time coming and hopefully at last the fish will be returned alive.

On the boat fishing front, the anglers were very fortunate with the weather as on Saturday it was blowing a hooligan but by Sunday the wind had dropped. The tide though was running very hard and there was still a fair swell. Those anglers who stayed close to shore made a wise move and found the fish. Others, like me, who ventured further off had to wait for the flood for any action. There were also a lot of small fish about and which were of course returned.

Olly Call had nice thornback ray which went 6lb 5oz gutted and earn him biggest fish of the day, cod made up the rest of the placings with Glen Jubb weighing in one of 5lb 9oz and Wally from Dangler one of 4lb 14oz for third.

When it came to the heaviest bag it was the super angler himself Wayne Baxter who showed his class with a fantastic 48lb 3oz, of mainly smaller fish. Next was Chris Banks, who is flying at the moment, sticking to the Cleeness he managed to find a few fish for 29lb 6oz. Third was John Coles 28lb 7oz. If John had managed to hold anchor when the tide turned he would have probably had the top weight, but he was unable to fish properly, as the anchor kept tripping.

The league now looks even more interesting with two matches to go Mark Briggs is still in pole position on 114 points, then it’s Richard Stanley with 106. But coming up on the outside rail is Chris Banks on 104 and may take some holding back as he prefers going for the smaller fish with lighter tactics. Then it is a tie between Richard John and myself on 90 points but with only a few point separating the next half a dozen anglers so it is going to very close finish this season.

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