Cono-flex Use the Force

by David Proudfoot

Here we take a first look at the Jedi range of boat and kayak rods from Cono-flex.

conoflex jedi

The three boat rods are built on 8ft glass fibre blanks with bottom 36” wrapped in carbon wrapped and are spigotted above the fore-grip for easy transportation.

The rods have a slow, through action which Cono-flex have termed a ‘rainbow’ action as they bend into an arc and are suitable for braid. The carbon wrap in the bottom half adds the firmness required beneath the reel seat. These rods are designed for sport and fun fishing.

Rod specifications

Jedi Black Bream – 8lb class rod with a 3.0mm tip, built with a Fuji DPS18 reel seat.

Jedi Bass – 16lb ciass rod with a 3.2mm tip, built with a Fuji DPS20 reel seat.

Jedi Cod – 24lb class rod with a 3.5mm tip, built with a Fuji DPS22 reel seat

All three rods are built with nine Fuji BNLG (alumina) guides plus tip, Fuji reel seats, duplon grips and dimpled rubber butt caps. The guides are whipped in black and between the top two tip eyes there is white whipping to aid visibility.

Cono-flex Jedi QT Kayak

This is a 7ft rod built on an S Glass blank with an 18in solid tip spliced for ultimate bite detection and no flat spots. It is ideal for multiplier or fixed spool use with braid to allow the ‘Yak’ angler enjoy a terrific, light tackle angling experience.

conoflex jedi

Although designed for the ‘Yak’ this rod could provide great sport as a bass or pollack rod.

The two piece blank is fitted with Fuji lined rings with solid black whips, screw-winch reel seat, a hook keeper just above the Duplon handle and mini butt button.

The rods are very reasonably priced with the boat rods selling for £117 and the Jedi QT Kayak at £126. Details of these and other rods in the Cono-flex range, together with a list of dealers, can be found on the company website.

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