Boat And Shore Action On The Fylde Coast

by Jordan Russell

The boat and shore anglers fishing off the Lancashire coast are finding some nice smoothhounds and tope when the conditions are right.

Dave Brown was out again after work for a low water session with Jason Usher and Dave’s brother Paul. It wasn’t the most hectic starts but it all came good in the end as the smoothhounds came on the feed. Loads of hounds appeared and Jason’s best was so close to 10lb.

Dave Brown and Jason Usher with a couple of hounds

Dave Brown and Jason Usher with a couple of hounds

Fleetwood and District Angling Club enjoyed a lovely day at five bar Gate for their latest Club match. It was sunny and warm with light westerly winds. Unfortunately the match didn’t produce a great number of fish.

Half the anglers fishing caught something, a few bass and tope pups were about and one decent smoothhound was lost at the edge. Ray Rodger was a clear winner doubling the next man’s total. Fish bait or squid worked for the tope, blackworm for the bass.


1st Ray Rodger 4 tope 1 bass 75 points

2nd John Hughes 2 bass 37 points

lancashire latest news logo3rd Ian Mawdesley 3 tope 33 points

4th Dave Stockton 1 bass 20 points

5th = Frank Towne 1 tope 12 points

5th = Alan Smith 1 tope 12 points

6th Mike Owen 1 bass 8 points

7th Phil Lamb 1 tope 6 points

The Club’s next match is on Saturday evening at the new prom, Cleveleys.

Joe Green from the Wyre Boat Club spent an excellent three hours on the boat with Kevin Fletcher and Scott Peterson. The crew went chasing tope and we found them having a small one on the first drop at around the 10lb mark.

Scott with his tope

Scott with his tope

Kev then had one at 32lb which turned out to be the biggest of the trip. Scott had his first ever tope coming to the scales at around 18lb then Joe had one about the 26lb mark. They had a few smaller fish around 10lb-15lb and a couple more around the 20lb-30lb mark before heading back at to the slip at 9:30.

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