Blaze Publishing to launch into sea angling sector

by David Proudfoot

Blaze Publishing is delighted to announce the expansion of its publishing and on-line broadcasting activities into the fishing market, commencing with the launch of a new monthly fishing magazine brand this summer.

“Our core business is predicated on specialist hobby markets – namely, shooting, music and motorbikes,” said Blaze Publishing’s managing director Wes Stanton. “Several of us at Blaze relax away from the office by spending time fishing – and with over 50% of our business based on shooting activities, we are close enough to that market to know that many of our readers who are passionate about shooting also love being outdoors and enjoy fishing. These two markets go together like fish and chips.”

“Our research has shown that over 70% of our shooting readership is also interested in fishing – so it makes sense for us to expand into this area, and offer our existing shooting magazine readers products that we know they will enjoy and will, at the same time, help to grow the fishing market.”

The new magazine – predicated on the sea angling sector – will be edited by renowned sea angler and editor Barney Wright, and supported with a hugely experienced team of writers and photographers, including stars Mike Thrussell, Steve Souter, Simon Everett, Adam Landy, John Popplewell, Gareth Davies, Glen Milligan, Rachael Jarman, Nick Panther, Wayne Thomas, Frank Shaw, Steve Gregory and Sam Harris. Commercial sponsorship, events and advertising opportunities will be handled by rising industry star Danielle Hicks, formerly with Orvis for seven years.

“We aim to bring our readers the best sea fishing publication yet,” said Barney Wright, editor. “Not only is Blaze Publishing strong across its specialist printed publications in terms of strong production and detailed distribution, but its experience with specialist digital video over the last three years in its shooting and music divisions represents exciting content-delivery for the fishing market, that both readers and our commercial supporters will love. I’m champing at the bit to get going and use my thirteen years’ experience in the area to which I’m devoted to be able to deliver a new, exciting publication with added digital content – watch this space (or rather, watch YouTube)!.”

The first edition will be published in early summer. More details available at

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