Bass And Whiting Provide Sport On Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

lancashire latest news logoGreat news today that fishing will be permitted through lockdown with some restrictions. Bispham Angling will be staying open for call and collect at the shop so we will be able to stay in contact with fishing reports over lockdown which also is a bonus. This week’s report is short with all the uncertainty and people having other stuff to be sorting pre-lockdown.

Phil Swift reports that the fishing was slow up to high tide with heavy bands of weed flowing on the tide wiping out both rods so he cut back to one rod. PhiI choose to fish at distance using fresh black to see just what was about and to try and cut out as much weed as possible.

Half an hour before high tide saw the whiting move in and the weed wasn’t choking up the rods any more.

The second rod then went out with full fresh black on double 5/0 hooks on pennel pulley rigs on both setups. The rod had been in 5 minutes when something hooped it over and fought back. A 42.5cm bass was the culprit.

phil with one of his bass

Phil with one of his bass

The mission was then on re baiting every 10 minutes if the rods hadn’t shown a bite. The whiting were coming one a chuck all the way through high tide then half an hour after it started receeding Phil had another aggressive take and an even bigger bass of 44cm took a fancy to the fresh black. An awesome session with a couple of jewels of the sea joining the party.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished last Sunday at Beach Road. It was windy but a very fishable sea and the rain held off. Looked like we could have been in for some codling, but none weighed in.

Mostly it was whiting with a few of good size including a couple at 39cm. Other than that a couple of bass, a flounder, dab and rockling made up the bags.

Twenty-four anglers fished and although only twenty-one handed their cards in, the others had at least one fish.

Congratulations to Andy Whiteside top angler on the day fishing near Dronsfield Road. Graham Clarkson had the biggest fish, a 42 cm bass just beating Andy Denton who had one of 41cm

Top Ten Results

1st Andy Whiteside 12 whiting for 110 points wins £48

2nd Graham Clarkson 7 whiting 1 bass for 97 points wins £28

3rd Andy Denton 1 bass 6 whiting for 73 points wins £20

4th Dave Bancroft 10 whiting for 72 points

5th Kevin Blundell 8 whiting 1 dab 1 flounder for 69 points

6th Alan Smith 10 whiting 1 rockling for 66 points

7th Barry Critchley 7 whiting for 62 points

8th =Ken Forrest 7 whiting for 61 points and Trevor Barnett 9 whiting for 61 points

9th Phil Lamb 8 whiting for 55 points

10th John Hughes 7 whiting for 49 points

Fish worth the most points Graham Clarkson bass 42 cm 36 points wins £24

After the match finished Kevin Blundell kept on fishing, and on the next cast had an in size codling.

With the new lockdown coming next week it looks like we can fish as individuals, but club matches look to be in doubt. I will keep you informed later in the week.

Keep safe everyone.

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