All at Sea – 14-09-2015

by David Proudfoot

Bigger tides this week and slightly rougher conditions has brought the fish feeding again. Lots more codling this week and a good average size, weighing in at anything between 2lb to 4lbs, with the odd bigger fish amongst them. The bass are also showing well with beaches, piers and boats reporting some nice catches, plus bonus thornback rays for the pier and beach anglers.

Walton Sea Angling Club held their end of season finals match on the Holland beaches. 14 anglers fished and the fish were feeding. 1st place was Rob Tuck with 7lb 10oz, close 2nd Craig Buy 7lb 6oz and 3rd Richard Burt 4lb 5oz. Heaviest fish Craig Buy codling 3lb 7oz.

The Holland beaches in general have had a good week with bass, rays and codling turning up on any of the new beaches, especially after dark. The same goes for the Clacton beaches with certainly more codling being caught. Clacton Pier has also fished well, particularly in windier conditions with the odd ray, codling, bass and sole.

St Osyth has been slightly quiet but this could be because of lack of anglers this week; it will certainly be fishing well for whiting and rays.

Winners of the Walton Sea Angling Club beach finals, from left to right James Everett, Craig Buy, Rob Tuck and Richard Burt

Clacton Angling Club headed for Walton Pier for their latest evening match. 12 anglers fished the stem of the pier on an ebb tide. They caught 106 fish between them, of which 96 were whiting! The rest were dogfish, pouting and eels. In 1st was Ken Peacock with 318pts, 2nd place went to Vic Pearce 251pts, and in 3rd Doug Sadler 193pts. Heaviest fish prize went to Chris Mills with a 53cm dogfish.Walton Pier in general has had a good week with codling, whiting, dogfish, bass and rays being caught. The beaches around the pier are still seeing sole and bass with the odd codling, and also the Frinton beaches are producing some good sized codling and thornback ray.

The boats have seen a lot more codling being caught, mostly in the 3lb range, but there have been a few 7lb plus fish caught. Thornback rays have also made a return this week and also a few bigger bass. The boats and especially the kayaks fishing in close to the shore especially in the estuaries are finding the school bass, with the odd bigger fish in between.

The tides for the weekend are Saturday 15.53pm and Sunday 16.30pm

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