Smoothhounds On The Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

There are some much better smoothhounds around the Lancashire coast at the moment but not in big numbers. We have also seen something quite rare and that is people catching mackerel from the Gynn Wall. Feathers have been the tactic. For the hounds crab and worm baits have produced the best results.

Mick Parkin below with a nice smoothie

Mick Parkin below with a nice smoothie

Leyland and District Angling club fished their latest match at Fleetwood.

  1. Neil Stoneley with 2 tope pups at 38 cm & 24 cm and 1 eel scoring a total of 33 points
  2. Nigel Thompson with 1 tope pup scoring 16 points and also the biggest fish at 40 cm
  3. Stuart Pilkington with 1 tope pup at 37 cm scoring 13 points
  4. Peter Pilkington with a 35 cm tope pup at 11 points

Please note that tope score half points up to 70 cm.

Martin Darwin won the raffle and thanks again to the members who turned out for the match.

Fleetwood and District Angling Club fished at Five-Bar Gate where it was always going to be a tough one. The weather was warm, the sea calm as it was blowing from the east.

The clarity of the water was more like a tropical beach and it was odds on that there would be a lot of blanks, even the weevers deserted us.

Three of the twelve anglers caught fish Trevor Barnett had two hounds, Andy Denton had a superb 10lb 2oz hound and Hughie Porter had a small tope.

Andy’s fish came out on black lug and squid while Trevor caught on crab.

Luckily Ray Rodger was on hand to get a photo of Andy’s fish.

Andy Denton had a superb 10lb 2oz hound

Andy Denton had a superb 10lb 2oz hound

Next week we are at the Miners Home for a flatfish and round fish match.


  1. Trevor Barnett 2 smoothhounds 92 cm and 83 cm for 150 points wins £29
  2. Andy Denton 1 smoothhound 106 cm 80 points wins £19
  3. Hughie Porter 1 tope 36 cm for 12 points.

Fish worth the most points Andy Denton 106 cm smoothhound wins £12.

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