SAMF v. Scotland 2014

by David Proudfoot

15 angler teams from the Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers and the Sea Anglers Match Federation fished a competitive match on the banks of the river Tyne at Walker on 3rd May 2014.

The anglers landed and released 358 fish during the day consisting of flounders, eels, codling, whiting and coalfish.

Home based SAMF won the match scoring 59 points with the SFSA team finishing with 106 points. Chris Stringer was top rod on the day with the following picking up cash for their zone results.

  • Zone A 1st Billy Buckley £60
  • Zone A 2nd Gareth Griffiths £40
  • Zone B 1st Chris Stringer £60
  • Zone B 2nd Gary Forster £40
  • Zone C 1st Andrew Dawkins £60
  • Zone C 2nd Bob Gascoigne £40

SAMF would like to thank everyone who helped to organise the weekend. The SFSA for arranging a very competitive squad and Billy Buckley, who managed the Scottish contingent. Also, Kenny at Moonfleet for arranging the bait, Paul and the staff at Moonfleet for the
hoodies and caps and Sir Bob who arranged the food, social evening and the pegging.  Plus everyone that helped, it was a great match with plenty of fish.

riverside match

Zone A
S Page 11 fish 235 points
B Buckley 15 fish 317 points
S Dewhurst 13 fish 304 points
I Reid 5 fish 103 points
G Griffiths 12 fish 307 points
S Baxter 9 fish 199 points
J Brown 13 fish 292 points
K Lewis 11 fish 246 points
N Cutler 12 fish 272 points
D Dobbie 13 fish 291 points
Zone B
S Golightly 16 fish 306 points
A Pasfield 18 fish 353 points
C Stringer 29 fish 625 points
I Muir 14 fish 275 points
G Forster 21 fish 436 points
D Neil 14 fish 312 points
K Watson 15 fish 328 points
B Maxwell 12 fish 246 points
S Graham 13 fish 290 points
C Hom 15 fish 301 points
Zone C
B Gascoigne 16 fish 375 points
M Hom 8 fish 197 points
K McCoy 9 fish 197 points
A Keltie 11 fish 251 points
A Dawkins 22 fish 494 points
J Channon 7 fish 143 points
M Reid 15 fish 331 points
B Scholes 7 fish 147 points
H Randell 17 fish 331 points
L Wilson 3 fish 60 points
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